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My clients sometimes lean back when I get going on career topics. My passion and enthusiasm is, well, a little over-the-top. Sometimes, I even have to stop talking when I realize I am almost shouting. That’s how strongly I FEEL.

Thanks, Dad.

My father was a huge man in every way. He stood 6’3” and probably weighed 260 at his highest weight. He had a large, booming voice. He cared deeply about family, his faith and politics. It was hard to argue with my father—became his righteousness was also HUGE.

I loved him fiercely, and hated him sometimes. He had a HUGE impact on who I am. And, I thank him daily for passing along his PASSION.

You see, passion is the electricity of life. It is the feeling that gets you out of your chair, standing up for what you believe.

  • Career Passion is what makes you fight for a job that is worthy of your talents.
  • Passion gives you the strength to tell about your talents in a convincing way.
  • Passion gives you the courage to stand up to a tough boss.
  • Passion gives you the hutzpah to speak up when you have a great idea.
  • Passion gives you the righteous anger to quit the wrong job.
  • Passion gives you the go-power to go on when you have lost your livelihood.

When you celebrate the holidays, look around the table and find the most passionate person there. It might be Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma or an Aunt or Uncle. It might even be a little person who is thrilled to be alive.

Emulate that person and start feeling more strongly about your livelihood. If you need to, just say politely, “Please pass the passion.”

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On your side,
Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

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