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What you think about…happens

Have you ever been thinking about someone, and that person called you at that moment? Have you ever said to yourself, “I need new black slacks”? In the next few days, you not only see a great black pair of slacks, but they are on sale, at your favorite store?

Coincidence? I say, “Never!”

The idea of coincidence is that two things occur at the same time, as if by accident. I believe in coincidence, but not the accident. I live by intuition and I have learned that it’s important to see coincidences as messages that need attention. You might say that coincidences are gifts from your Guides, your Higher Self, your Guardian Angel, or even God. Whatever you call coincidences, you might want to pay attention. Here’s why:

What we think about, we bring about. If you experience a coincidence, it is likely because you noticed a link to your thinking and what happened. Chances are, you have just experienced manifesting, or bringing something about by thinking about it. Let’s say you were thinking of a red car. You go to a showroom and the salesperson just happens to show you a red model that is exactly what you had in mind. Chances are, you spoke clearly your desires. Or, did you just think them? The thought was so much a part of your behavior that you may not remember saying “red car,” but the salesperson got the message loud and clear. Your speaking is creating your world. If you want to truly understand your desires, listen to what you say.

Coincidences happen because we are aware. If you are caught up in the maze of life, running down the next tunnel, you aren’t likely to even notice coincidence. But, if you have clear goals and are thinking about them, you will see coincidences all around you. You will be networking, and just the right person posts in your LinedIn news stream! This is because you were aware and alert to what you want. Somehow, you communicate this desire, without words, and bring it to you.

Coincidences prove there is order in the universe. Sometimes, it even feels spooky. You think about someone, and they are magically thinking about you at the same time. You are thinking about a problem, and you magically meet someone who has solved the same problem recently. It feels great to know that somewhere, above our world that seems in chaos, there is order.

So, what do you DO when you experience coincidences?

  • Take coincidence as a positive sign. You either were seeking an answer, if just subconsciously, or you desired something. Whatever the coincidence, take it as a green light. If the subject is positive and feels right to you, go for it.
  • Act with speed. A coincidence is a window of opportunity opening for you. Just like a window, it might be open for only a short time. And, just like a window, it might take a little effort to go through it. Act on the idea quickly and see how your chances of success multiply. The Universe loves speed. So do clients, prospects, family and friends. YOU are the one who sees all the barriers in front of you. Act on the good vibes you get and you will be amazed at the results.
  • Be grateful. Understand that life is an adventure to be savored. Sometimes a defeat will later reveal itself as a blessing in disguise. When you first bump up against a barrier, especially if it is also a coincidence, just say, “Now, isn’t that interesting?” I learned this technique from a fellow trainer. She experienced a negative response to something she had said in a workshop. Instead of taking the comment personally, she simply said, “That’s interesting. Tell me more.” Instead of feeling defeated, she was grateful that one person’s feedback revealed her communication wasn’t clear. The negative feedback actually enhanced her training in the long run.
  • Be in wonder, not in worry. I once read that an ordinary person worries, while a spiritual person wonders. Be in wonder about where this new idea or opportunity or relationship will take you. Life is a journey that takes us on twists and turns. Each turn in the road gives us an opportunity to learn and grow. Always approach your new opportunity with wonder, and you won’t be disappointed. Life isn’t fair, you know. The odds are actually stacked in your favor!

I love hearing stories from my connections about how coincidence has played a role in their successes. Please tell your great story in the space below.

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