Nothing Lasts. Isn’t That Great?

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Back in my advertising days, I worked for a local division of a big New York City agency, Young & Rubicam. We were proud of our work, and we had walls and walls of Addy Awards to prove how clever and creative we really were. 

All of that is gone. Like sandcastles, we built our messages, tended them, loved them, filmed them. Today, watching a reel of our commercials might be embarrassing. Because everything has changed – the world, the products, the messages, the technology. Everything. 

On the flipside, the impermanence of life works to our benefit:

  • Businesses are constantly evolving, reducing one team, while creating new ones.
  • The average job lasts 3-4 years, and is replaced through reorganization, RIF, attrition or promotion.
  • People are constantly changing jobs; every vacancy is an opportunity for someone else.
  • New companies are constantly formed to rush in and serve new market opportunities.
Rather than be frustrated when a wave wipes out your current plan, it’s time to lovingly, carefully create something new. Here are some ideas to get you going:
  1. Approach your job search as a puzzle to solve. Making the pieces of your experience fit with the needs of a business is like solving a puzzle. Connect with old colleagues and let them know exactly what you are looking for. They have found new opportunities and will likely give you just the information you need.
  2. Make new connections. Use LinkedIn to introduce yourself to people who hold the position you want. Where there is one Program Manager, there are bound to be more.
  3. Be bold in your communications. Don’t worry about being a “bother.” Just be professional, direct and kind.
  4. Help another job seeker. If you pay it forward, I promise it will return to you. The job you reject might be perfect for a friend who is also seeking.
  5. Keep moving. Be like the seasoned salesperson who knows that “No” means “Not now” and that no response can mean, “I’m so swamped I’m not even answering my emails right now.” My personal rule is knock three times, and then withdraw and let the person come back to you in their own time. In the meantime, keep moving.
  6. Don’t take what happens personally. The world is conspiring for your benefit, not the reverse. Take note of even the smallest synchronicity, and you will start believing this.
  7. Approach it from different angles. If you truly want a job, go after it full out. Apply online, then find an employee who knows the score. Connect with the recruiter. Then, get bold and contact the hiring manager. Even in large companies, this “campaign” approach is likely to get you noticed.
Nothing lasts. Realize that your uncomfortable, frustrating, scary job search will END. You will find a new position. Carefully, lovingly and creatively, keep moving forward.

I’m here to help, 

Catherine Jewell 
The Career Passion® Coach 

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