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Hire Catherine Jewell to put passion into your next Zoom meeting, convention breakout, motivational program, seminar or workshop.

Catherine Jewell inspires business audiences on topics such as job seeking, career changing, performance and office politics. Today, more than ever, every professional association needs to help members guide their own careers.

Your members need to strategize the future. Jewell has the power and wisdom to clearly articulate what it takes to build a successful career. Through her case studies and examples of real-life job seekers, she shows clearly how each person has the power to transform lack-luster performance into rock-star-quality work. Jewell understands your members, because she works daily with those who are the most discouraged, disheartened and dissatisfied with their careers.

Hire her to motivate your members in an environment of job loss, working remotely, reorganization and downsizing. She will motivate your audience with her simple-to do shifts in attitude and behavior. She will enthrall your people with the insider secrets of successful office politics. She will captivate your audience with her stories of success!

Jewell has an uncanny talent for customizing her content, so that your audience believes she knows you. Whatever your profession, chances are Jewell has worked with clients who have those position titles. With humor and wisdom, she helps your association members see meaning in their daily work. She literally helps them feel the passion of the great mission of your profession.

Engage Catherine Jewell to put passion into your next Zoom meeting, convention breakout, motivational program, seminar or workshop.

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  • Career Coach Austin

    Rediscover Your Passion

    Covid has turned life and work upside down. So many professionals wonder, “What’s the Point?” See beyond the chaos and catch a glimmer of your passion. Re-ignite your life!

  • Career Coaching Georgetown

    Building Your Brand on LinkedIn

    How to strategize your next job change, before you need it. Through your Profile, connections and activities, you can become known as a star performer and even a thought leader in your profession.

  • Professional Speaker Georgetown

    New Resume New Career

    Do you get interviews with your current resume? Reworking your achievements to form a clear message is the trick. Get your next position with the skills and experience you already have!

  • Career Coach Austin

    60 Seconds to Impress

    Whether you are networking, in an interview, or just riding an elevator, what you say about your career can mean the different between being stuck and opening up new opportunities. The perfect conference opener!

  • Career Coaching Georgetown

    Who’s Driving Your Career?

    What have you done lately to develop your career? Are you in the driver’s seat, or in the back seat, asleep? Learn to manage your own career and break through patterns that restrain your career growth.

  • Professional Speaker Georgetown

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