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I’ve been writing a lot of resumes lately. It seems everyone wants to step out and up a level to a better position this year.

I collaborate with my clients, polishing every word and statement in a resume. As we write together, I find myself asking, “How were you different and better than others in the same job?” It’s a tough question that gives most people pause.

You were better than you needed to be.

Seth Godin, in his weekly blog, reminds us that every element of an organization has a spec, a minimum required performance. Accounting has standards, and so does the department that measures quality.

Everything beyond that is marketing.

Your resume is your primary marketing document. Rather than a boring listing of your responsibilities, it should come alive with the ways you are different and better. These are also the 5 elements that companies are seeking the most:






If you want to grow, it is the extra effort that will take you there. Finding that EXTRA in yourself is finding the essence of your brand. When you write a great resume, you are recounting what is extra.

For each of your positions, you should ask these 5 questions:

  1. How did you do the job differently than the others in the same job? [Contribution]
  2. Did you create or bring innovations to your job, the process, your work duties, or your business tools in some lasting way? [Innovation]
  3. What assignment(s) did you volunteer for beyond your job responsibilities? [Initiative]
  4. Did your coworkers look to you for some special knowledge, talent or ability? [Talent]
  5. What did you enjoy about the work? [Passion]

Then, write those things on your resume. I promise it makes for better reading, more interviews, and ultimately job offers.

On your side,

Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

PS: If you’re stuck on your resume, take the process into the dialog. Let a professional mine your experience for the achievements that define you. If you’d like to explore the possibility of a new Brand – expressed in your Resume and LinkedIn Profile—set up a time to talk with me using this link.

PPS: Seth Godin is an amazing thought leader. I think you would enjoy following him.

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