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When business professionals experience a job loss or even believe there’s a chance of losing a job, the stories circulate – about a narcissistic vice president here, the egomaniac CEO there, the inept Sales Manager, or the unfeeling Human Resources Manager. Everyone at the company seems to be in on the secret, except for you. You are likely to feel helpless, and even experience feelings of abandonment!

When we repeat the narrative of a sad story, we go even deeper into a memory hole. Just like a missing tooth, we probe that spot over and over, examining it from all angles, again and again, in order to keep the story fresh.

On the other hand, forgotten stories have no power over us. So, you get to choose: Are you telling yourself positive or negative stories? Which stories do you choose to keep alive? Here are some examples of career stories that can be reframed in order to minimize the hurt and trauma:

  1. Negative story: The company let me go after years of loyal service. It’s so unfair. Reframe: Changes in the company made my position less important. I made a choice to exit and find a new job where I would be appreciated.
  2. Negative story: The sales department was a sh*t show. Every time we turned around, there were new compensation plans designed to hold our earnings down. Reframe: The sales practices of the company were not documented, consistent or strategic. I left because I felt there must be an opportunity for me to thrive in a different environment.
  3. Negative story: I feel totally lost. Since leaving my company, I can’t decide which direction to go. I feel like my career is over. Reframe: Since leaving my job, I’ve explored a number of different options and have some side gigs that are providing me with income. I’m exploring other ways to make a living that will be more fulfilling.

Stop feeling lost and abandoned. The time is now to get some professional help with this all-important part of your life. I’m here for you.

On your side,

Catherine Jewell
Career Passion Coach

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