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How do you revitalize a Job Search that feels tired, old and full of frustration? Hey, it happens – for some after 3 weeks, for some after 6 months. Of course you feel anxious, afraid and alone. We’re talking about your livelihood, and in most cases, your very identity.

Let’s unpack the sources of your frustration and burnout, and look at some possible antidotes:

Working your job search constantly. Antidote: Set specific hours to work on your job search and then STOP and give yourself the rest of the day off. With smart phone technology, some people become slaves to the new email or post on or LinkedIn. If you are job seeking, it’s best to work during business hours on your search, then knock off and enjoy yourself each evening. I suggest you take a break during the day, too. You might work 9:00 – 11:00 and then 3:00 – 5:00, for instance. Treat your job search like a job, and don’t overdo it.


You’ve asked everyone you know to help you. Antidote: Expand your network. Go to a professional meeting and find some new friends. Add people in your LinkedIn network and invite them to have phone conversations with you. I advise my clients to have TWO networking meetings with new people every week. New friends bring new ideas, new possibilities, new contacts.

You feel lonely in your job search. Antidote: Join a job club and meet new people. Many churches have job clubs or support groups for job seekers. Here in Austin, we are famous for three great job clubs: Hired Texas (Round Rock), Launchpad Job Club (Central) and Hill Country Job Seekers Network (Cedar Park). All three of them have weekly programs to inspire you. And, it a great way to network!

You’re not getting any interviews. Antidote: Simplify and re-focus your resume. Make sure it tells the story that you are capable for the target job you are seeking. Chances are, you have too much extraneous material that is confusing the recruiters.

You’re not winning jobs when interviewed. Antidote: Reconsider your target job title. It could be that you are rejected because of “too much experience.” While this can be a cover-up for age discrimination, it’s likely that you shot too low and are interviewing at the wrong level. Be brave and go for the higher position that you deserve. When you do lose at the interview stage, just realize they probably found someone with just of little more of what they were looking for.

You feel hopeless. Antidotes: meditate, write intentions, and pray. I know this helped me when I had simultaneously lost my ability to read anddiscovered I had breast cancer. I felt scared and wondered, “Is it really worth it?” For me, conversation, prayer and meditation helped a lot. (An antidepressant isn’t a bad idea, either.) The ultimate selfcare is pulling yourself OUT of any life trial you are experiencing. No one else can do it for you.

You’re just plain tired and discouraged. Antidote: Take a vacation. I’m serious here. Even though you may feel you can’t afford it, get out of town and get a new perspective. Go visit a place you know is fun and relaxing. Then, come back refreshed and ready to begin again.

If you want some help and encouragement, I am here for you. My clients have unlimited access to me by phone and email. I LOVE helping with every decision, every communication, every question. I would love to support you.

On your side,

Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

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