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The Career Passion® Coach

Career Coach in Georgetown, Texas

Career Coaching, Testing, Interview Preparation, Resume Writing, Salary Negotiations, Job Search Help, and more

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    You want someone who has been in action, helping job seekers and career changers, for years. Catherine Jewell has been coaching since 1997 and has helped more than 3,000 adults win life-changing promotions and new jobs.


    Career Passion® coaching focuses on helping you improve your career – both in quality and the quantity of your compensation. Most clients get a substantial increase in pay – 30 to 50% -- while enjoying their new work in ways they never dreamed possible.


    Jewell started her career with a degree in journalism. She has worked with some of the best marketing minds in the media and Madison Avenue advertising agencies. She has crafted marketing messages for decades and brings that skill to your job search. Unlike other career coaches, she not only tells you how to market, she creates your marketing messages with you. The results: a resume, LinkedIn Profile, cover letters, and networking messages that sell you best in today’s market. In short, marketing you can’t produce on your own.


    Jewell really gets to know you – both emotionally and spiritually. You feel you have a partner in your career change. Someone who has walked the same road, someone who truly knows how it feels and is always ready with kind words, encouragement, and creative ideas that move you forward.


    Jewell works from the premise that you are enough. You don’t need a new course, a refined skill, or a master’s degree to leapfrog to a better, higher-paying position. With her coaching, you will come to respect and honor the skills and experience you already have. In the process, you will gain the confidence to win the interview, get the pay raise, or secure the next position you want.


    Client success speaks for itself. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Catherine Jewell’s Empowered Networking Course gives you the power and freedom of building and managing high-quality job leads to help you earn more in your next salaried position. In fact, networking this way can get you 30-50% more, in just one jump!

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Case Studies

  • Kerry, Project Manager

    Kerry, 51

    25% Project Manager

    Title: Program Manager

    Situation: Kerry and her husband created an IT start-up and struggled for several years to make a go of it. When she came to me, she had been looking for 6 months, without much success. The family-owned business hadn’t been able to pay her a salary for more than 3 years.

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  • Career Testing Georgetown

    Anthony, 40

    88% Controller

    Title: Controller

    Situation: Anthony’s career derailed when he was lured into a start-up consulting firm. He was acting as CFO to clients, while also teaching junior accountants on his team. He needed experienced staff, but his company refused to pay more than $15 per hour for new hires. He was caught on a 60-hour-a-week treadmill, with no hope in sight.

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  • Career Strategy Georgetown

    Lindsey, 59

    31% Interior Designer

    Title: Interior Designer

    Situation: Lindsey lost her job when her boss decided to retire and close his architectural business during Covid-19. She had been an interior designer in many settings, plus as a business owner. She was looking for a way to sail into retirement with a good, stable, salaried position.

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