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Catherine Jewell’s Empowered Networking Course gives you the power and freedom of building and managing high-quality job leads to help you earn more in your next salaried position. In fact, networking this way can get you 30-50% more, in just one jump!

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Case Studies

  • Kerry, Project Manager

    Kerry, 51

    25% Project Manager

    Title: Program Manager

    Situation: Kerry and her husband created an IT start-up and struggled for several years to make a go of it. When she came to me, she had been looking for 6 months, without much success. The family-owned business hadn’t been able to pay her a salary for more than 3 years.

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  • Career Testing Georgetown

    Anthony, 40

    88% Controller

    Title: Controller

    Situation: Anthony’s career derailed when he was lured into a start-up consulting firm. He was acting as CFO to clients, while also teaching junior accountants on his team. He needed experienced staff, but his company refused to pay more than $15 per hour for new hires. He was caught on a 60-hour-a-week treadmill, with no hope in sight.

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  • Career Strategy Georgetown

    Lindsey, 59

    31% Interior Designer

    Title: Interior Designer

    Situation: Lindsey lost her job when her boss decided to retire and close his architectural business during Covid-19. She had been an interior designer in many settings, plus as a business owner. She was looking for a way to sail into retirement with a good, stable, salaried position.

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