Is your salary enough? Prove it or move it.

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It seems like getting a fair wage is tougher than ever, especially for seasoned salaried professionals. Here are some of the reasons why:

Your dollar just doesn’t stretch like it used to: Think about it—everything from your morning coffee to your rent keeps getting pricier. But when it comes time for a salary bump? Crickets. Especially in tech hubs, where living costs are sky-high, your paycheck might not be keeping up with the times. It's like running a race where the finish line keeps moving further away.

Too many cooks in the kitchen: Remember when being a tech whiz or a certified project manager felt like a golden ticket to success? Now, it seems like everyone has one. With more folks flooding into these fields, it's getting harder to stand out—and easier for companies to offer less for the same roles.

The gig’s up with stability: More companies are handing out project gigs instead of steady jobs. Sure, they are flexible, and contract positions often pay more, but they leave you hanging without the perks of being a full-timer. During the off-months when you are back in the job search, it’s easy to lose ground.

Bottom lines over bread lines: It’s no secret companies love profits—sometimes a little too much. Even when businesses are doing well, that extra cash might not be finding its way to your paycheck. Instead, it's going to shareholders or back into the business, not into making your life any easier.

Where’s the backup? Gone are the days when you had junior members on your team to take on the more simplistic tasks. Many tech workers and project managers are nearly operating solo – doing the job of 2 or even 3 people. So, even if you are well-paid, it’s likely you are putting in more hours than ever before.

So, what’s the takeaway? It’s rough out there. This isn’t just a tech or project management issue. Software engineers, sales maestros—heck, nearly every salaried professional these days could tell you a thing or two about pay struggles. It’s also good to KNOW how much more you could be earning in a new job. Check out the Salary Boost Income Calculator.

Let’s reshape the narrative to focus on taking action, whether that means stepping up to show what you’re truly worth or taking a bold leap to a place that recognizes your value. Sure, your bosses may say they love your work, but maybe it’s time they prove it. If they won’t or can’t, it may be time to move to a better, higher-paying job where your considerable experience and talents are recognized.

It’s scary to change careers alone. That’s why it’s good to have a coach in your corner—encouraging you every step of the way—giving you the best advice, innovative ideas, and the strongest messages to sell your candidacy.

If you are ready to take on the challenge, consider my BIG Salary Boost Playbook – a learn-at-your-own-pace course. Or, if you’re not sure, schedule a complimentary Career Strategy Session.

You are missing out on the salary you deserve. Ask your company to prove it or (you can) move it.

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