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Sometimes the story is so powerful, that we have to read it in the person’s own words. Thanks to real-life CPA Marlene Van sickle for sharing her story:

“A few years ago, I took one of your UT Informal classes, “Find Your Passion, Find Your Perfect Work.” I attended the course with my husband. Part of the reason that we signed up for this particular class was that I was so burned out and tired of working at a firm that I had spent 8 years at.”

Moment of truth: “I actually came home one day in tears, and when he asked me what I really wanted to do, I said I wanted to be a race car driver. I had attended a few “High Performance Driving Events” and just loved them. The reality is that car racing is expensive and I couldn’t just run off and become a racer.”

Getting a bit of my life back: “During the class, I didn’t think that I could do anything with the car racing since I was so new at that, and was instead thinking in terms of a few other hobbies. I spent some serious time thinking about the concepts, and I did change jobs, to another CPA firm. That at least gave me a little bit of my life back to me. That gave me some time to start getting more into the car events that I had just started to explore when I took your class.”

Finding a way: “As life does, a few other things changed, and my younger daughter decided to move out early and not go to college, which meant I had available funds to spend on car-related things. I bought a Miata race car and joined a membership car track club (kind of like a golf country club, but for cars). The race car was my 51st birthday gift to me. I also quit the CPA firm that I had been working at, and started my own firm.”

Matching career skills and passion: “I bought that car 3 years ago next month. I’ve taken this passion for cars and racing and my CPA career, and matched them! I have clients who are involved in the racing industry directly (suppliers, race teams, race organizations) as well as clients who are also racers that I’ve met by being involved with this.”

“By the way, the title on my business card is “CPA, Race Car Driver!” Dreams do come true!”

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you that the class certainly impacted my life and happiness, and thank you for that.


Marlene Van Sickle, CPA, PLLC

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