8 Ways to Get That $100,000 Salary

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I have the privilege of working with rock star clients who are stuck in the $70s or $80s. They WANT to earn more. The even DESERVE to earn more, but don’t know how to get there.

How do you change your mindset and your actions to be worth a six-figure salary? 

Like so many of life’s changes, this is mostly and inside job, at least at first. You need to feel and see the future in order to attain it. You can also consistently, carefully take action every day. Here are my top strategies for increasing your income by 25%, 40% or even 50%.

  1. Never tell what you earn (except to your Career Coach). Your current income is not relevant to a new job you are seeking. The two positions are likely apples and oranges. There are dozens of things to say anything besides your NUMBER. Don’t tell a recruiter what you earn; instead, ask what the company is offering. You can say: “I’ve research your company and believe you pay competitive salaries. I know if I am offered a job, we can agree on a compensation package.” 
  2. Take more initiative. When you see changes that need to be made, propose them. Lead the team that makes the change.
  3. Have more impact. If there are ways to be more efficient or effective, implement those changes now. Six-figure earners have stories of quietly, consistently transforming their work for the good. Those stories of greater impact will get you the next position.
  4. Become more visible. If there is a report to write about results, be the author. If there is a presentation to make, be the presenter. Get to know your boss’s boss on a first-name basis. Offer to host meetings. Put yourself in a position to be seen by upper management.
  5. Do fewer check-ins with your supervisor. Don’t allow yourself to be so closely monitored that you feel stifled. You might say, “Our weekly check-in meeting takes two hours of company time. How about I write an email to you every Friday, and save our one-to-one meetings for strategy?”
  6. Stop being the do-it-all. A do-it-all is almost as bad as a know-it-all. Trust the professionals around you enough to allow them to help. Persuade people to work with you. Stop being the victim of a heavy workload; share the load and get the credit for leadership.
  7. Use more judgment. It’s better to size up a situation and create a strategy than to run to your supervisor with “what should I do?” As the saying goes, “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.” You have the knowledge, you have the experience. Use it.
  8. Congratulate yourself, and others. YES! Take time to stop and summarize successes you have caused. Then, write a memo to your boss, detailing the success. If appropriate, copy his/her boss. A really elegant way to do this is to complement the TEAM on a job well done. Even if you aren’t technically the lead, writing this email identifies you as the team leader.

Do job seekers really jump from $70,000 to $100,000 in one leap? Yes. So far this year, my clients are averaging 24% increases in salary. If you want the same, these 8 strategies are a good start.

On your side,

Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

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