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to even think about it?

  • What if I told you that you could easily learn how to earn that extra income? That you could be earning $20k more, $30k more, or even DOUBLE your current salary within 90 days?

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7 Solid Secrets for Getting the BIG Salary Boost

Big salary boost

Presented in a one hour FREE webinar

It's no accident that you're here, now, if you believe any of these myths...

  • Working harder in my current job will eventually get me noticed
  • If I just keep my head down and do my job, I will keep my current job
  • We have been promised raises as soon as (the merger, the sale, etc.) happens and I don't want to miss out.
  • It's risky to try to find a better job. My employer could find out and might fire me.
  • I'm obviously not ready for the next step, or I would have been promoted by now.

During our webinar, I'll give you:

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    The step-by-step process to craft your branding materials so that you ALREADY appear to be earning what you deserve.

  • webinar topics

    Solid confidence that you are worth a substantially higher salary!

  • webinar topics

    Clarity on your sweet spot - that unique contribution you make over and over to benefit the business, whether it's your job or not.

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    The 3 keys to earning 30-50% more by creating an executive presence that makes you irresistible to future employers.

  • kerry

    New Position: Program Manager (Consultant Position)
    Days in Search: 45
    Old Salary: $0 (Years before: $80K)
    New Salary: $100K (25% increase)

  • 25% Increase

    Kerry, 51
    Program Manager

    Situation: Kerry and her husband created an IT start-up and struggled for several years to make a go of it. When she came to me, she had been looking for 6 months, without much success. The family-owned business hadn’t been able to pay her a salary for more than 3 years.

    Strategy: Kerry’s resume had job titles that were all over the map. We revised some of the titles to reflect what she was actually doing—Program Management. We also added a summary at the top, speaking to her project management achievements, and added Core Competencies that were program management specific. We also highlighted her new PMP designation and added information about Smartsheet, a project management tool in high demand.

    In her words:"I searched for 6 months without much to show for it. After Catherine rewrote my resume, the recruiter calls came pouring in. I had a firm job offer in 43 days. Our family-owned online business wasn’t paying me a salary at all. Now, I’m making $100,000 with bonuses, 11 paid holidays, 3 weeks of vacation, and a 3% 401K match. It feels wonderful."

  • Anthony

    New Position: Director of Finance
    Days in Search: 34
    Old Salary: $85k
    New Salary: $160K (88% increase)

  • 88% Increase

    Anthony, 40

    Situation: Anthony’s career derailed when he was lured into a start-up consulting firm. He was acting as CFO to clients, while also teaching junior accountants on his team. He needed experienced staff, but his company refused to pay more than $15 per hour for new hires. He was caught on a 60-hour-a-week treadmill, with no hope in sight.

    Strategy: We focused his work history on a prior consulting job where Anthony felt he had truly grown his clients. We crafted great STAR stories, proving his experience as a controller. He landed a new job as CFO with an investment firm, managing a staff of experienced accounting professionals.

  • Ted

    New Position: Paralegal Manager
    Days in Search: 112
    Old Salary: $41k
    New Salary: $91K (122% increase)

  • 122% Increase

    Ted, 62

    Situation: Ted was in a very lucrative kind of law: personal injury. Instead of making big bucks, Ted was isolated, working 50-60-hour weeks for a demanding, unreasonable team of lawyers in another city. He not only prepared disclosures and support documents; he even wrote legal briefs– all for $20 per hour! When a big case came up, he worked non-stop, sometimes topping out at 18 hours a day!

    Strategy: We investigated salaries and found he was well qualified for the job of Paralegal Manager. He even had a career history of teaching and coaching. His task was to successfully network into the right law firm.

When you're making 30-50% more and you're not working any more hours...that's the greatest way to make a big difference while having time for the things and the people you love.

Choose the day and time that work for you September 16 or 19 2023

Seven solid steps to earning what you deserve, delivered in a FREE, one hour Zoom meeting.

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By the end of our Zoom webinar, you'll have the 7 Rock- solid keys to earning what you are worth.

It's very important to me that you feel comfortable with all the steps in the BIG Salary Boost. That's why I'm taking the time to present each one and help you see what's truly possible for you...earning a fair salary for your true value.

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  • Catherine
  • Meet Catherine Jewell, your career transformation partner!

    Meet Catherine Jewell, your career transformation partner! She's on a mission to help successful mid-level professionals soar to new heights, earning 30-50% more in their very next job. With over 25 years of experience in advertising, marketing, and career coaching, Catherine knows just what it takes to tackle the job market like a pro.

    Imagine crafting the perfect resume and Linkedln Profile that make recruiters flock to you! That's exactly what Catherine guides her clients to do.

She believes that getting a new job is marketing yourself, and she's an expert at helping you send the right messages to get those interviews and land the job you deserve.

Catherine's no stranger to success. She's already helped over 3,000 adults make fulfilling career changes and earn more in the process. From inspiration to hard work, she's got you covered. As a professional speaker, trainer, and Career Coach, she knows the ins and outs of the job landscape. And, she's the author of three career-changing books, including "New Resume New Career," a one-of-a-kind book packed with 50 real-life stories of Career Change triumphs.

As the Career Passion® Coach and a certified Professional Career Manager (PCM), Catherine's got the know-how to guide you on your path to success. Her passion for helping others find their true calling sparked at the age of 41 during a business presentation, and she's been unstoppable ever since. So, if you're ready to take your career to the next level, Catherine Jewell is the friendly, supportive expert you need by your side. Let's make your career dreams a reality!

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