How to unplug during holidays

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Dear ________, I’ll keep this short because you are trying to get things done so you can enjoy the coming 3- or even 4-day weekend. The best vacation I ever had – was when I unplugged for 8 days. Oh, I kept my phone with me. I answered personal calls. But, I let all the spam and telemarketers and sales calls go. I didn’t check my emails. For 8 whole days! It was heaven! Here’s what you do to prepare:

  • Tell clients and business contacts that you will be “on a trip” and returning X date.
  • Set your Vacation Reminder message on Gmail, Outlook or whatever email platform you use.
  • Each day, be diligent about checking text messages 3x: morning, noon and evening.
  • Don’t check email. Let it go.
  • Use your phone only for fun: take pictures, upload to Facebook and Instagram, read a book, listen to podcasts (fun ones) or music, or play games.
  • Don’t watch or read news. The world can do without you for a few days. (Any natural disasters you will hear about from other people.)
  • Try to recapture the “School’s OUT!” feeling you had as a kid, just when summer was starting.

Don’t worry. The business won’t fail while you are out. You won’t lose clients. Your relatives can leave you alone for a while. (There’s always texts for emergencies.) AHHHH, what a feeling it is to unplug and let the world go on without you. Next week, I’ll share an article on how to clear your inbox when you get back. On your side, Catherine Jewell The Career Passion® Coach

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