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“Shelter in place” has not been fun. Why would vacation from every day, only make me want back the everyday experiences?

With no appointments, except a few Zoom meetings, my day is wide open. Rather than get more done, I’m getting nearly nothing done.

I have time to reach out on the phone, email, and LinkedIn. Yet, I feel I have nothing to say.

I don’t feel free with my free time. I feel restricted, bored, and depressed.

After 7 days of this, I feel ready to pick myself up and try something different. Here are some ideas that come to mind:

  1. Focus on the work you CAN do. Make a list of at least 3 items each day. Feel the satisfaction of ticking them off, before you hit the couch.
  2. Spend some time journaling. Get your feelings out in black and white.
  3. Spend time in the sunshine. When the clouds break, give yourself a healthy dose of sunshine, even if you just SIT and enjoy the Vitamin D growing in your body.
  4. Make a list of things you are grateful for. It’s a 1st world privilege to shelter in place with so many comforts and resources.
  5. Reorganize the pantry. Sort all those canned and dry goods you bought and start thinking about how you will cook them up.
  6. Shop in your own closet. Go through your clothes and set aside the wintery things. Try on some garments you forgot you have. Make some new outfits for when you get to go out.
  7. Fix something at home. Install the light fixture, or replace the outlet. Clean out a cupboard or wash your own car.
  8. Spend some time just watching nature. Let your mind think about your life and how you would like to spend the rest of it. Then, make a bucket list.
  9. Shop online for a new job. Think about how you’d like to change your career once this is over. Check out job descriptions on Indeed.com, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. Create your perfect job description.
  10. Find new ways to talk to God. Tell what’s in your heart as if you were talking to a friend.

We’re going to get through this. On the other side, I believe we will be wiser, stronger, and have more purpose in our lives. This transformation, one by one, is likely to cause a huge shift in our communities, our nation, and our world.

On your side,

Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

PS: I would love to hear your ideas and report back in this space. Please hit reply and write a few lines!

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