5 Reasons Why You Might Need an Interview Coach

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There’s a huge uptick in hiring – my clients are getting more interviews, and more intense interviews than ever before. Yes, the basic questions are still asked, but in addition job applicants have to prove their capabilities with stories of real-life work successes.

That means preparation. And, the magic is practicing your conversation with a coach. Here’s how to tell if you need help:

  1. You don’t have much interview experience. Maybe your current job was a slam-dunk, or maybe you just haven’t changed jobs in a while. Either way, you know you need to be your best against strong competition.
  2. You get interviews but not offers. If this has happened to you more than a couple of times, there’s something going on and you need to find it and correct it fast. It could be that you are saying the right things, but not with conviction. Or, you leave out the results when you tell your career stories.
  3. You want a job in a new field or at a new level. When you’re trying to move into a new area or even move up into a higher level, employers can shy away from taking a chance on you. If you are seeking a career change, you want to address any deficiencies head-on and explain why you are still the right candidate for the job.
  4. You have an awkward situation in your past. Have you been fired? Are you coming back to the workforce after a long while? Many employers see these as red flags, but with preparation, you can turn your recent “sabbatical” into an asset.
  5. You know you have a confidence problem. Confidence is crucial to selling yourself for a job, and yet way too many talented, skilled people don’t have it. Working with an understanding, empathetic coach can help you build confidence as you uncover the “gold” in your work history.

Investing in yourself is always a good idea. I’m here to help with your next interview.

On your side,

Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

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