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Catherine Jewell

About Catherine

I have been Career Coaching full-time for 25 years now, but it all started long ago when my Dad lost his job. I was just 10 years old, and frightened that our family of eight would end up on the street! I was too young to know about unemployment benefits, but I watched my Dad apply for job after job and get only a handful of interviews.

Even then, I sincerely felt I could help. I just couldn’t understand why any company wouldn’t jump at the chance to have my Dad. He was such a hard worker, so detail oriented, yet really creative and solution-oriented. I listened to Dad’s stories of job-seeking and interviewing. The process was scary and fascinating to me. At the same time, I wanted to learn how I could make him feel more confident.


My Passion

All these years later, I love to learn and coach about job seeking and interviewing. Only now, I am truly an expert who can help you navigate this frightening and exciting time. I have a process with strategies and messaging that no other coaches use. My proven system helps my clients land on their feet, quicker. And, often with a higher-paying position!

Confidence is built into every coaching. My Dad took a risk. He learned a new business and learned how to use his skills in a new way. Soon, he became part owner of a small construction company. His investment of time and energy proved to be a windfall for Mom when he passed in 1979. His biggest leap of faith turned our family finances from struggling to comfortable. 

In the same way, I help my clients evaluate the risks and rewards of making a career change—whether they decide on a new industry, a new function, or even both. I am gifted at finding the star qualities of my clients, and know how to help them build confidence about their career competencies. I help them tell their career stories to win interviews and job offers. I lead with my heart because I know job seeking is mostly a test of confidence.

My Experience

My corporate experience is varied and deep. With a journalism degree in hand, I started in the magazine industry, working in production at first, then later as an editor. I experienced a large, national company—ABC Broadcasting—and a small entrepreneurial company—Business & Industry Magazine. Later, I would experience a worldwide advertising company—Young & Rubicam—and a mid-size national accounting firm—McGladrey. I started in entry level eventually become a Vice President. In my career, I have supervised up to 15 staff, and worked with a client portfolio of several million dollars. I understand how management thinks and how office politics work.  Many of my clients hire me just to sort out the politics at work. I help my clients excel where they are, while plotting their next career move.

My coaching clients have taught me about their work cultures. Since creating my business, I have coached, one-on-one, more than 3,000 adults. I have worked with Product Managers, Program Managers, Software Developers, Sales Executives, IT Directors, Data Scientists and dozens of other professionals. My clients have had job offers from start-ups to global enterprises – and everything in between. The job seeking process is fairly consistent, but I know how to nuance the language of a resume and LinkedIn Profile to fit the industry, the culture and the job.

Catherine Jewell

My Career Journey

I dreamed of becoming a freelance trainer, speaker, and career coach. I began with Toastmasters, honing my speaking skills. I started volunteering to create training programs. Soon, I was also coaching my fellow employees—about whether to stay or go, how to ask for a raise, or about what to write on their resumes. My business began as a side hustle and grew organically into a full-scale online consulting and training business. 

I made my career transitions in unconventional ways. I couldn’t get enough career information. I read more than 50 books on the topic, and kept coaching on the side. I learned to be a trainer on-the-job. After four short years as a training director, I was ready to launch my own business. Since then, I have become certified in behavioral and career testing. I have become a Professional Career Manager (PCM). I have written three books, including “New Resume New Career,” nationally published by Penguin Books.

I know that dreams can come true. I found my perfect work. I know that you can use passion to double your confidence, status and income. Working together, we can help you find your Career Passion® and find a job you love.


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