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Are you quietly quitting? How to protect yourself.

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Instead of abruptly leaving a job, “Quiet Quitting” refers to doing what the job requires, no more and no less. Essentially, this means doing just what you were hired to do—no off-the-clock meetings, no weekend work, and no checking emails on vacation.

Some writers speculate that this trend is the result of the trauma all of us have experienced with Covid – losing jobs, friends, and family, losing faith in our institutions, and losing a sense of meaning in our work.

I’m seeing Quiet Quitting among many of my clients who are trying to cope with a series of work and personal traumas. Here are some ways to recognize the signs:

  1. You dread Mondays. Career books have been talking about this for years. But, do you actually feel ill when you think about working on Mondays? Monday is the day when all the issues you couldn’t handle Friday come flying back. Achievers tend to feel they have to deal with ALL the problems that day. The cure: Prioritize your current set of crises, knowing some can wait 24, 48, or 72 hours.

  2. One-on-ones or certain reports become a huge obstacle: In the past you might have enjoyed meeting with your boss, reporting your wins, and seeking solutions together. Now, the whole process has devolved into drudgery. The cure: YOU take the reins and change up the routine. See if you can provide an email with four bulleted items instead of a long-winded report. Or, create your own agenda for your one-on-ones. Your boss will love it. She/he’s bored, too.

  3. You feel emotionally detached from work. You might have been excited before, but now even success isn’t so sweet. The cure: Chances are you are emotionally worn out. Give yourself weekends to recharge. Set some new boundaries. For example, only deal with calls and texts until 6:00 PM. Then, shut off your computer and stop working. Give your body and mind more rest.

  4. You stop offering ideas and opinions in meetings: This is a sure sign that you are no longer engaged. Perhaps in the past, whenever you offered a suggestion, it just turned into another assignment on your already-full plate. The cure: Allow yourself to express your opinions, knowing that there might be some pushback. Honestly state if you can’t handle more work.

  5. You fear people will see you no longer care: Instead of focusing on the job, you start focusing on every comment made by your supervisor or coworkers. You put extra meaning into off-hand comments. You worry that your job might end. The cure: Get yourself ready for a job search. The process will build your confidence and might just improve your current work situation, too.

I stand ready to help you get organized in your search. I’ll help build your confidence with a refreshed resume, new LinkedIn presence, and dynamic interview skills. If you are ready to bolt, give me a call.

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