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Times change.

People change.

One thing remains the same: when it’s all said and done, only relationships matter. People matter.

You can work your whole life, and what’s left? The effect you had on the people you worked with, collaborated with, served, supervised, and purchased from. YOU get to choose that effect with your words, phone calls, body language, emails, and actions.

The world seems to get tougher and more polarized each year. It’s hard to understand how anyone could hold the opposite political view. The news media batters us with story after story of violence, deceit, lies, and wrongdoing. We are treated unkindly by professionals, or “ghosted” when a 10-second email would answer a burning question. Perhaps if each of us can spread a little kindness, our own little world will be a better place. And, by extension, perhaps WE can transform the world, one small kindness at a time. Here are some ideas:

  1. Hold the door for other shoppers.
  2. Wait while someone tries to back out of a parking spot.
  3. Smile in the check-out lane and make friendly conversation.
  4. Tell your barista s/he is doing a great job.
  5. Say, “Thanks for working on Sunday” or “Thanks for helping me decide” to cashiers.
  6. Tell fast-food workers you appreciate their accurate orders.
  7. Give your kids a compliment on the way they take care of themselves.
  8. Tell you're significant other “thanks” for making the coffee or loading the dishwasher.
  9. Call someone out-of-town and tell them, “I’m thinking of you and wonder how you are.”
  10. Be fully present when you are with family and friends. Everything else can wait.

I’m in the office this Holiday Season, being kind and cooking up some great ideas for 2019. We’re almost there!


Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

PS: Tell recruiters you know they are very busy, and thank them for reading your resume, answering the phone, or responding to your email. Lots of jobs are being filled NOW, just in time for the New Year and new budgets!

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