Rock your job hunt during the holidays!

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You CAN Job Seek during the Holidays!

The holidays are here, and while some may say it's a tough time to job hunt, I’m here to tell you that it's also a golden opportunity to prepare for your future career. So, let's keep things upbeat and focus on 7 essential activities that'll keep your job search mojo alive.

1. Stay Positive. When chatting with friends and family who might ask about your job situation, be ready to share your story without drowning in despair. Instead, infuse your narrative with optimism. For example: "I'm using my Project Manager skills to organize my job search. I’m exploring opportunities with vendor companies where I can show my industry expertise."

2. Network Like a Pro. Embrace those holiday parties! Networking doesn't stop just because it's the festive season. Prepare your elevator pitch, load up on business cards, and hit those gatherings with confidence. Some professional organizations even throw free holiday parties to connect with potential members. Don't miss out!

3. Polish Your Resume. Take advantage of the holiday downtime to refine your resume. Make sure it mirrors the keywords in your target job descriptions. Simplify the language, increase font size for readability, and ensure it's easy to scan. At the top, highlight your top five qualifications for the job you're targeting. Take advantage of our end-of-the-year special and complete our GET FOUND by Recruiters course. You’ll be amazed at how a few enhancements can make all the difference!

4. Create Your Perfect Job Ad. Write an imaginary job ad for your dream position using the language you'd find in real job postings. Carry it with you as a reminder of your goal. It'll help sharpen your focus and attract opportunities aligned with your vision.

5. Stay Organized. Keep track of your job search efforts. Whether you use a database program or a simple Excel or Google spreadsheet, organize essential details like company names, contacts, submission dates, sources, and follow-up tasks. It's a must for staying on top of your game.

6. Show Gratitude. Spread holiday cheer by sending thank-you messages to former clients, coworkers, mentors, and anyone who's supported you. Express genuine appreciation for their contributions to your journey. It's a beautiful way to harness the holiday spirit.

7. Enjoy the Season! Don't forget to savor the holiday season. Set specific work hours for your job search, and during that time, give it your all. When you're not job hunting, immerse yourself in the joy of the holidays. Plan low-cost, fun activities like movie nights with friends, outdoor walks, caroling, or ice skating. Embrace the present and cherish your wonderful life.

With these strategies, you'll emerge from the holidays refreshed and ready to kick-start your job search in the New Year.

Happy holidays and good luck on your job-seeking journey!

On your side,

Catherine Jewell

The Career Passion® Coach

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