Can you let it be?

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I’m a child of the 60s and I find Beatles music inspiring to this day. One song keeps running in my brain:

Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
There will be an answer
Let it be, let it be

Between Covid, massive change in our work, and so many personal losses, it seems we are a traumatized society. Everyone has lost something – or someone – important during the past 18 months. When we combine loss with the everyday burnout of endless Zoom meetings and 24/7 job expectations, it’s all too much.

The good news: massive trauma in job situations has led to the Great Resignation. Americans simply won’t put up with harsh, micro-managing bosses. They won’t put up with crushing responsibilities, and no hope in sight. Many people are moving into new jobs. Recruiters are desperate to fill positions.

Will you join the movement, and create something better in your life?

Blog by The Career Passion® Coach
Listen here for a great version of the song! Enjoy!

The idea of “Let It Be” is simple: let circumstances be, accept what is. It’s not about being complacent or complicit. It’s about doing something with your life because you accept what is.

By the time clients come to me, they are upset. They are fed up and used up. Maybe you can relate to these examples:

“I am supposed to be in charge, but my work is reviewed by a committee that seems to enjoy picking it apart.” Management clearly doesn’t know how to delegate, trust, and properly use people resources. Let it be. Accept what is and remove yourself from that company.

“I have been given a CFO responsibility, but the company has budgeted for my assistants at only $15 an hour. They keep saying they can’t find talent. Even if they did, my new staff couldn’t possibly help me at the level I need. I’m working 14 hours a day, and falling behind.” Let it be. The organization your company has set up is destined to fail. So are you, trying to conquer all this. Let it be. Get out and be a real CFO in a company that will appreciate you.

“I’ve been 20 years at the same company, producing results in both Product Management and Marketing. Recently, my coworker was promoted to my boss. He has very limited technical background, and we are butting heads on key decisions.” Let it be. You will never understand why this decision was made. Get yourself OUT and find a position where you are in charge. You’re ready for the challenge, even if your current employer doesn’t see it.

“A recent reorganization put me in a corner, doing repetitive, boring work that is a step down from where I was. I’m still making good money, but I hate my job.” Let it be. If you aren’t using your best talents, you are likely to fail. No kidding. Even when working at a lower level. Let it be. If you can’t get back to the creative leadership role you had before, go find a new one.

If you are ready for a change, or just want to vent your frustration, schedule a complimentary phone consultation with me. Let me help you strategize how you can let it be, and find an answer.

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