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I used to belong to a church whose pastor had the same sermon at the first of each year: “You CAN Begin Again”. I never tired of hearing the message. It’s the ultimate motivation: Everything is renewed again and again. Any mistakes and shortcomings you have had can be overcome. You are in a constant state of evolution—always moving forward, higher and higher in achievement.

We worry too much about missteps in our Job Search instead of constantly thinking about new steps. We often get stuck in a cycle of self-critique. Instead we need to reach out for new ideas, new avenues, and new channels to market our skills effectively. What does this mean for Job Seekers?

You can determine TODAY to begin your Job Search anew,and do it better than ever before. Here are five basics to help you.

  1. Vow to use LinkedIn as your number one job seeking tool. Surveys show that 94% of employers are using LinkedIn in their recruiting and hiring process. If the recruiters don’t actively seek candidates through LinkedIn, then they at least check the profile before as part of the screening process. Whether you are a rookie or an expert, any activity on LinkedIn will help you.
  2. Create a list of 20 business friends and make them your Board of Advisors. Keep them updated on your job search techniques and ask for their ideas. Even if you get just 2 responses from each of your messages, you will have a dialog started. And, you have 20 people who are thinking about you. One of them will send you that all-important job lead.
  3. Work job leads aggressively. The average sales lead is hot for 48 hours. That’s why great salespeople always call you within 2 days to get your decision. Social Media and the Internet have speeded things up – especially in the job world. When you hear about an open position, move on it today, this hour, even this minute.
  4. Schedule 2 face-to-face meetings each week. Why? Because great ideas come out of conversation with other people. Face-to-face meetings are special in today’s world, and this is a chance to really get to know another person. Start with other job seekers, and then proceed with people they recommend to you.
  5. Make a habit of attending a Job Club. These free resources provide a week-by-week education in job seeking. As you learn, you will refine your techniques. Stories of others’ success will motivate you. If nothing else, you might say to yourself, “If he can do it, so can I.”
  6. Find a professional meeting in your field and attend it, this month. Let’s say your field is Product Management. I just googled “product manager group Austin.” I found three Meetups and a professional association called Product Camp. Product Camp is holding a free conference on Saturday, February 10. The search took 15 seconds. Professional meetings are absolutely your best, most targeted networking opportunities.
During the coming weeks, I will tell you specifically how to more effectively use each of these tools. If you are looking for a plan to Begin Again, look no further. I promise you, each of the steps above with generate some results for you.

There’s a great new opportunity in 2018 with YOUR name on it. Go out and claim it.

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