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During this gloomy time of year, when we all get tired of cloudy days and colder weather, it’s good to take stock of your life and your achievements. But, if you’re like me, it comes at an emotional cost. You remember the decisions that were “off,” the opportunities you missed, and mistakes you have made.

In fact, you might be dogged by one or two BIG choices you made that you now see as “mistakes.”

There is another way to go.

Trust your life. You made the best choices you could, given where you were. Instead of rejecting your past, forgive yourself, thank yourself for having your past and embrace it.” –Noelle Sterne

Whether you are reminiscing about your career or your personal life, you will benefit by looking at your past in these ways:

Consider how one decision led to a whole host of possibilities. While some results were not good, there is always a balance of good that comes from any decision. Taking the wrong job may have helped you meet your spouse. Moving to another city could have taught you life coping skills you would never have known in any other job.

Consider what you learned. Even when we regret a choice, the learning is still there to benefit us. Perhaps you were unfaithful, or cruel, or oblivious to another person. Maybe you let someone special go, because it didn’t feel like the right time. All negative experiences have an upside and that is learning.

Consider how you transformed. Any difficult circumstance calls upon us to change our actions, gather our strength, and do new things. In the process, we transform ourselves. The person who was timid is now making connections, picking up the phone, and communicating with strangers. The person who never kept promises is now keeping appointments, preparing for meetings, and following up on conversations. This is more than growth – it is transformation that lasts.

Thank yourself. Look back at all the hard work. Look at all the times you have persevered through a learning situation, a family crisis, a caregiving trial. Look at all those times you “got it right” and contributed your best. These are the memories that build you up and make you ready for the next challenge.

Consider that you are now wise. Wisdom is going inward and finding the right answer within you. It is connecting to your Higher Power, your higher self, your very soul. Wisdom is stepping back and trusting the small voice within. Wisdom is not reserved for those who have lived 50, 60 or 70 years. It is for you, now, if you are willing to claim it.

I find great joy in helping others find the wisdom inside themselves. If you are looking for a Career Change, connect with me. We can work together to find wisdom and move forward.
On your side,
Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach
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