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Screwdriver or power drill? Which would you use?

In your job search, speed is of the essence. Time is money and every week you are without work, you are losing net worth.

For example: if you make $100,000 a year, divide that by 52 and realize you make $1923 each week. Losing an important interview could set you back thousands of dollars. Missing an important lead could result in another 6 months of searching, or around $50,000.

Getting work faster is a lot like doing home improvement projects faster.

The slow way to screw a lot of screws is to use a hand screwdriver.
The fast way is to use a power drill, with just the right driver head.

Consider the difference


Power drill

Lots of strength and effort

Little to no strength and effort

Wobbly, unsure results

Straight, sure results

Tire after just a few attempts

Able to do dozens without tiring

Ready anytime when you need it

Needs to be charged

So, you might ask, what is the equivalent of a Power Tool in my job search?

The answer: A great LinkedIn Profile. A great profile on LinkedIn is like the Power Drill of your job search. It will:

  1. Promote you 24/7 with little to no effort on your part.
  2. Direct recruiters and hiring managers to your career assets with straight, sure results.
  3. Allow you to “Quick Apply” to dozens of jobs with very little effort, taking some of that stress and strain out of job seeking.
  4. Present your talents and skills in the form of keywords. Of course, your Profile needs to be “charged up” with keywords in your headline and a clear compelling summary with lots more keywords. This allows recruiters to find your profile when they are searching on a specific skill that is a keyword for your profession.

With a power drill, you can always repurpose it by changing bits. In the same way, you can evolve your Summary and online resume bit by bit, as you get feedback from recruiters and LinkedIn itself. (If you have Premium service, LinkedIn will tell you what skills are missing from your list.)

In short, give yourself the gift of “powering up” your job search by creating and refining a great LinkedIn Profile. Keep watching this space for more tips. I am constantly seeking new and better ways to use LinkedIn and will forward those to you as I get them.

Happy hunting!

Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

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