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Perhaps you have been working from home and have decided you are in the wrong job, the wrong company, or serving the wrong clients. Or, you’ve been furloughed, and you’re wondering IF you will have a job next month, the month after, or whenever.

“Now is NOT the time to be looking for a new job, I should probably stay put,” you might say.

That’s silly. If you feel the need for a new position, NOW is the time to make the switch. You see, you deserve a job you like, working with great people, doing a service, or making a product that makes a difference.

Prediction: Once “shelter in place” is lifted, the job market is going to explode!

  • People who have been furloughed are looking for work.
  • Employers who have lost furloughed employees will be replacing most of them.
  • Employers are creating new jobs to fill new services in the NEW economy.
  • Remote workers will realize, all too clearly, that they don’t want to stay.

All this movement in the job market means a HUGE opportunity for you. Every job vacated will be filled, and more. NOW is the time to get your resume in order, and start combing the job boards for the perfect NEW job for you.

If getting your resume “in order” makes you tired, you are not alone. Most job seekers need a second pair of eyes. They need fresh content. They need achievements that tell a story. They need a sounding board; someone who will push back and ask:

  • How many people did you supervise?
  • How much were sales during that first promotion?
  • How many subscribers did you generate?
  • How big was that grant you won?

Employers in the New Economy are looking for results. They want to hire people who get the job done. Your resume needs to tell that story.

I have a special 2-session Covid-19 Career Refresh package that is priced right. Send me an email with the headline: “I want to talk resume today.” Attach your current resume. I’ll call you with the details. We’re in business.

And you’re on your way to a better job.

On your side,

Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

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