Life Is One Giant Work-Around

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The past few months I’ve been dealing with some pretty serious health issues – all while trying to serve my clients, build my business, volunteer, and be a super-wife, super-mom and super-grandma.

You do all that, too. I know.

The doctor who literally SAVED my life pronounced me “sensitive” to four main ingredients of everyday eating: soy, sugar, dairy and gluten. And so, to SURVIVE, I had to change my habits.

At first, I was really angry. How could this have happened to me? What did I do to deserve this? And most important: How can I live without cheese?

So, I created a bunch of work-arounds. Cashew milk replaced milk. Almond milk cheese substituted for real cheese. I quit bread, pasta and sugar, cold turkey, and turned to rice noodles and quinoa, and stevia. I started eating two vegetable servings at lunch and dinner. Most of the stuff I turned to, I never even knew was out there! I got along. My body flourished, and released 30 pounds of fat. (Now, who wouldn’t want that?)

The doctor said someday I would be thankful for this experience. And now, I am.

Being uncomfortable in a job means you need a change.Obviously, losing a job means you need another. The experience of career changing and job seeking can be really painful. You probably will experience anxiety, anger, grief, sadness, frustration and then more anger, anger, anger.

Here are some Career work-arounds I regularly help clients create:

  • The industry is dying: Find another industry that needs your skills
  • I have physical limitations: Find a job with different activities; find tools to accommodate
  • I am ADHD or Dyslexic: Work on therapies to reduce your condition, find a job that works
  • I am more creative than my job: Move into a more creative role; express your creativity outside work
  • I lost my job: Look for another in the same industry or same function
  • I want a change: Change up the industry or your function
  • I don’t want to sell: Move toward a service provider or project role
  • I suck at detail: Capture detail with new tools; move to a more interactive, 1:1 job
  • I want to move: Get connected with the right profession, in your target city
  • I’m too old: Apply where your age is accepted and your wisdom appreciated
At the finish line – a new salaried position – my clients are thrilled and pleased. They might not be thankful for the experience, they feel they have achieved something important. And they have.

In the process, they have to release 30 pounds of pre-conceived notions. Notions about how the job market is, how they are, how they might be perceived.

We all have issues. We all have defects – physical, emotional, intellectual. Let’s work together to create the work-around that works for you!

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