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“Offer me something I’m passionate about and I’ll show up with all my energy, effort, and care.” Seth Godin says that’s a great way to hide.

It’s also a great way to waste time during your job search and prevent yourself from experiencing the real opportunities waiting for you in the job market.

There is no ONE passion that is perfect for you. The belief that everyone has a single passion is bogus and distracting. A better way to look at your job transition is to ask yourself: “What kind of work have I enjoyed in the past and where can I find that again?

Nothing is good enough to earn your passion before you do it. So, consider the opposite: “Offer me a chance to contribute and I’ll work hard on it, with focus, and I’ll become passionate about it.”

Quit looking for your passion. Look for a way you can contribute. Your future employer will find the shift refreshing.

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Catherine Jewell
Career Passion® Coach PS: My thanks to Seth Godin and Terry Trespicio who have both expounded on this topic. Take a look.

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