Why Do You Do What You Do? Love, Actually.

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I’m just recovering from a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments, medical tests and 2 surgeries. I have a touch of Breast Cancer. And, when I say touch, I mean it. Just a pea-size, Stage 1A cancer. I found out on Monday that the lymph nodes are not affected, so I am clear after the surgery + radiation + medication routine.

This little “break” in my routine has caused me to rethink a lot of things:

  • My family life
  • My business life
  • My relationship with the Divine
  • My use of Time
When people ask me about my family, I’ll talk enthusiastically about my 4 grandchildren and what they’re up to. I’ll tell them about my 3 step children, and their spouses and significant others. I’ll tell about my son and his wonderful family. I’ll tell you about dinners for 18, overnights with the grands, and week-long babysitting. Why do I spend this time and energy? Love, actually. 

When people ask about my business life, I tell them enthusiastically about someone who just got a new position and a 36% increase in income. Or, I talk about the challenges of making a career change and how I can help. Why do I continue my business? Love, actually. 

When people ask about my beliefs in God, Christ and any form of the Divine, I will share my own path and discovery that God is my friend and closest confidant. He is also the best counselor, ever. Why do I spend time each day in meditation and prayer? Love, actually. 

When people ask about my use of time, why I’m so busy, and why I’m so rushed, I have to stop and think. Am I doing all that I’m doing for LOVE? Do I love what I do? Do I love the results I’m getting? 

WOW. These questions put it all in perspective: 

“Why am I doing what I’m doing? 

“Is there a way I can focus more on doing what I love? 

If you want some help with this process, I have a wonderful Career Blueprint Session to help you plan 2018 and beyond. I am offering this in the month of January at a special price. Email me at cj@careerpassioncoach.com if you would like pricing and an appointment. 

BTW, I am still in business, seeing clients, helping people upgrade their careers. I promise to be responsive to your needs, and help you get results you love.

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