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    Cecilia Adams, 57

    54% Learning & Development Leader

    Title: Sr. Training Specialist

    Situation: Cecilia was working as a Senior Training Specialist for a home loan company. Each quarter, she was given more responsibility, more employees to train, more locations to cover, and difficult subject matter like home mortgage underwriting.

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  • Kerry, Project Manager

    Kerry, 51

    25% Project Manager

    Title: Program Manager

    Situation: Kerry and her husband created an IT start-up and struggled for several years to make a go of it. When she came to me, she had been looking for 6 months, without much success. The family-owned business hadn’t been able to pay her a salary for more than 3 years.

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    Anthony, 40

    88% Controller

    Title: Controller

    Situation: Anthony’s career derailed when he was lured into a start-up consulting firm. He was acting as CFO to clients, while also teaching junior accountants on his team. He needed experienced staff, but his company refused to pay more than $15 per hour for new hires. He was caught on a 60-hour-a-week treadmill, with no hope in sight.

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    Lindsey, 59

    31% Interior Designer

    Title: Interior Designer

    Situation: Lindsey lost her job when her boss decided to retire and close his architectural business during Covid-19. She had been an interior designer in many settings, plus as a business owner. She was looking for a way to sail into retirement with a good, stable, salaried position.

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    Ted, 62

    122% Paralegal

    Title: Paralegal

    Situation: Ted was in a very lucrative kind of law: personal injury. Instead of making big bucks, Ted was isolated, working 50-60-hour weeks for a demanding, unreasonable team of lawyers in another city. He not only prepared disclosures and support documents; he even wrote legal briefs– all for $20 per hour!

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    Empowered Networking Career Course

    Starts Soon! Tuesdays, 4 consecutive weeks 7:00 PM Central Learn More

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    Helen, 54

    38% Learning Specialist Title: Learning Specialist Situation: Helen’s Program Management job was switched to Sales. Her task: building business in a distressed industry, with non-profit clients who were losing their funding. Her new, commission-only job not only was a bad fit, it felt like a demotion. She truly feared losing 30-60% of her income. Strategy: Completely rebrand Helen, showcasing her Project Management skills in highly technical environments. Reconnect with colleagues who know her outstanding IT and customer success skills. New Position: Program Manager for government clients, managing highly- complex software integration projects. Days in Search: 54 Old Salary: $65K + 3K bonus New Salary: $85 + $9K bonus (38% Increase)

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    Brandon, 38

    25% Quality Engineer Title: Quality Engineer Situation: Brandon had been searching unsuccessfully on his own for 5 months. He was tired of doing a great job, then getting laid off because the company had no long-term commitment to quality. Strategy: We rebranded Brandon from Quality Assurance to Operations—a job that is much more stable, and better paying. We reworked his resume, combining short-term jobs under the banner of “Contract Projects.” With coaching, his career story switched from “woe is me” to the positive changes he had created in former jobs. We even negotiated a $4,000 signing bonus to clear up the debt he incurred while out of work! New Position: Plant Manager Days in Search: 112 Old Salary: $67K New Salary: $84K (25% Increase)

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    Robin, 46

    40% Medical Practice Manager Title: Medical Practice Manager Situation: Robin felt stuck after working 23 years for the same surgeon. She wanted to completely change careers, perhaps move abroad, and increase her income to pay for her daughter’s college education. Strategy: We rebranded Robin as a Chief Operating Officer, emphasizing her financial, marketing, and HR experience with the current practice. We wrote new achievement statements for each facet of her all-encompassing job. We showcased her volunteer work as if it were all paid experience, calling her a Non-Profit Executive. She won a job in another state – with easy access to flights to see her daughter at college. New Position: Executive Director Days in Search: 90 Old Salary: $75K New Salary: $105K (40% Increase)

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    Jake, 36

    86% Curriculum Designer Title: Curriculum Designer Situation: Jake finished his Master’s in Educational Technology and was eager for more pay. When he updated his LinkedIn profile his manager wondered if he wanted to leave. He loved the company and his coworkers, so he wanted to stay. Strategy: Instead of launching a job search, we created a new position at a higher level within his current company. He sold it to his boss, explaining how new technology could save training dollars and pay for his job within the first year. It took a full month of negotiating, but the company eventually added a Director of eLearning position paying 86% more than his old salary. New Position: Director eLearning Days in Search: 35 Old Salary: $45K New Salary: $84K (86% Increase)

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