Lisa Bailey, 53

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100% Increase in 3 years

Title: Executive Administrative Assistant

Situation: Three years ago, Lisa was working as an Executive Administrative Assistant, supporting eight Department Directors. Alongside her administrative duties, she took on HR responsibilities and managed several of the city’s major IT projects. Her performance was far beyond her job title, and she aspired to a higher-level position within city government. We collaborated on refining her resume, which led to an interview and a new job offering $70,000—a 40% salary increase. After just two years, Lisa enlisted my help again to pursue an even higher position.

Her involvement in local professional associations provided valuable connections, but the competition for city jobs was intense. Following two challenging rounds of interviews, Lisa secured a new position with a salary of $103,000. In just three years, she had more than doubled her salary. Even better, she is now poised to advance to an even higher level within the next year.

What made the difference:"Her work with the local professional association gave her lots of visibility. Plus, we created a great resume that really showcased her skills for the next level job. And, prepping for the interviews gave Lisa the confidence she needed. Brava!"

New Position: Assistant City Clerk

Old Salary: $50K

New Salary: $103K (100% Increase)

Her Investment in Coaching: $2500