Jake Mooreland, 53

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From stagnant for 8 months to a job offer in 12 days!

Title: Sales Engineer

Situation: Jake had willingly left his position because he just didn’t like the culture. For 8 months, he searched for a job. There were quite a few interviews, but he always came in second, or not at all.

Working together:"We explored every line of his resume, adding in results – money saved and client contracts won. In the process, we identified many STAR stories for his interviews, plus Jake’s superpower: understanding BOTH the technology and the sales process. He also took on the idea of asking for the job. He was hired after a team interview when one of the salesmen said, “We need Jake on our team. He’s a closer."

New Position: Sales Engineer

Days in Search: 12

Old Salary: $150K

New Salary: $150K

No increase; but more headroom, fair commission structure, and a much better culture

His Investment in Coaching: $1800 (62% of one week’s base salary)