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It’s not what you know, but WHO you know “Got 2 Jobs on Your Resume? Got an Hour or Two Each Week? Now You Can Get a New Job Fast with the Connections You Already Have!” Take Back Your Professional Power!
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Catherine Jewell’s Empowered Networking Course gives you the power and freedom of building and managing high-quality job leads to help you earn more in your next salaried position. In fact, networking this way can get you 30-50% more, in just one jump!

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Just look at these powerful examples of job seekers, just like you, who have increased their incomes and found jobs they love just by connecting with people they already know.

Anthony, 40, Controller
Income  88%

Situation: Anthony’s career derailed when he was lured into a start-up consulting firm. He was acting as CFO to clients, while also teaching junior accountants on his team. He needed experienced staff, but his company refused to pay more than $15 per hour for new hires. He was caught on a 60-hour-a-week treadmill, with no hope in sight.

Networking Strategy: We focused on a prior consulting job where Anthony felt he had truly grown his clients. He reconnected with a former colleague who had moved on to a great investment firm. The colleague referred Anthony for the job of CFO and talked up his strengths. Anthony’s great STAR stories proved he could do the job. He landed a new job as CFO, managing a staff of experienced accounting professionals, earning 88% more than in his previous job.

New Position: Chief Financial Officer
Days in Search: 34
Old Salary: $85K
New Salary: $160K (88% Increase)

Robin, 46, Medical Practice Manager
Income  40%
Medical Practice Manager

Situation: Robin felt stuck after working 23 years for the same surgeon. She wanted to completely change careers, perhaps move abroad, and increase her income to pay for her daughter’s college education.

Networking Strategy: We rebranded Robin as a Chief Operating Officer, emphasizing her financial, marketing, and HR experience with the current practice. We showcased her volunteer work as if it were all paid experience, calling her a Non-Profit Executive. As she started networking with friends at her local synagogue, they encouraged her to turn her part-time volunteer commitment into a full-time job. The local Rabbi called a friend in Florida, suggesting her as Executive Director for their congregation. She won the job and a much higher salary – with easy access to flights to see her daughter at college.

New Position: Executive Director
Days in Search: 90
Old Salary: $75K
New Salary: $105K (40% Increase)

 122%

Title: Paralegal
Situation: Ted was in a very lucrative kind of law: personal injury. Instead of making big bucks, Ted was isolated, working 50-60-hour weeks for a demanding, unreasonable team of lawyers in another city. He not only prepared disclosures and support documents; he even wrote legal briefs– all for $20 per hour! When a big case came up, he worked non-stop, sometimes topping out at 18 hours a day!

Networking Strategy: We investigated salaries and found he was well qualified for the job of Paralegal Manager. His task was to successfully network into the right law firm. By combing through LinkedIn, he discovered one of his former co-workers is with the largest law firm in the city. He reconnected, and Ted’s work friend advocated for Ted in a new job title, Paralegal Manager.

New Position: Paralegal Manager
Days in Search: 112
Old Salary: $41K
New Salary: $91K (122% Increase)

The times have changed, but it’s still true: “It’s not what you know but WHO you know.” Most people hear that and somehow believe they need to be connected to highly-placed, powerful people. That’s just not the case. The people you already know will provide something much more valuable than power or influence.

How many times have you thought: The right job in my dream company is right there, and I’m perfect for it! Why won’t they give me a chance?” Well, the reality is that today’s recruiters aren’t thinking about you or your perfect fit. They are looking at results from resumes submitted to an ATS System. (Applicant Tracking System). Think “artificial intelligence.” To break through among the hundreds of applicants for each job, you need to Crack the Code on that business, that right department, that position, AND even your future boss. You need business intelligence.

That’s a lot of information to gather, and you’ll never find it on the web. Only people know.

The Empowered Networking Coaching Course shows you step-by-step how to connect with the right people to get the business intelligence you need to be the Top Candidate for any job.

This Empowered Networking Coaching Course is for you if:

  • You lost your job, even if it was 6 months ago
  • You feel passed over at work and want to explore your options
  • You feel some rumblings at work that could affect your job in the next 6 months
  • You’re literally sick and tired of the way you are treated at work
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Gone are the days of “the courtesy interview” and “See Mr. Big Shot. He’ll have a job for you.” No matter how big or small the company, each one has a system for recruiting and hiring. Valuable insights and information you get from networking contacts inside the company help you break through that system and get an interview, fast.

Networking is by far the easiest and most efficient way to job search on Earth! The secrets are waiting, just for you.

No time? You can do this!

You can have a customized, supportive, fun group of business advocates, rooting for your success in literally weeks – just networking 1-3 hours each week. You will be on your way to the dream job of your life!

Hi! I’m Catherine Jewell.
People who know me realize just how easy it is to do powerful business networking. Doing it wrong is just a waste of time and money! Sure, you can try your own techniques and get a few nibbles. But I have created a powerful Business Networking System. There’s no need to waste your time with “getting to know you” chats, while you drink $10 lattes and both feel you would be better off at work.

It’s all in the set-up, script, and follow-through. I teach you all this and more in Empowered Networking: Get a Job Fast Networking with the connections you already have. I have created the system, the phrases, the emails, and the requests that eliminate your frustration and accelerate your path to the real goal – a new job!

In today’s fast-paced world, you can’t wait weeks to find that perfect job to get your income streaming again…You need it now!

With my networking course you are in control of your job search… finding the perfect job has NEVER been easier!

In the course, I’ll show you how my client created a network 30 of business advocates—from scratch—using the techniques in this e-book. He was able to move from “Rejected” to “Can you interview tomorrow?” with just 3 networking conversations. And, the opportunities kept growing and growing. In fact, he changed jobs again in 6 months, leapfrogging over the next position to a Vice President role. But let’s first take a quick look at some of what you will learn in this networking course.

You will learn how to:

  • Convince people to meet with you, on your time schedule
  • Get around the “no time” and “not this week” objections
  • Get friends to naturally forward job leads to you, as soon as they hear about them
  • Convince your distant LinkedIn connections to introduce you to hiring managers, recruiters, and even your future boss!
  • Overcome fears that you are “bothering people”
  • Work business requests into family conversations, without being a bore
  • Send networking invitations that no one can resist
  • Find that perfect job target and then get directly connected to the hiring manager

Don't forget the biggest thing . . . you will be able to search for the right opportunity, then networking your way to the boss is virtually FREE!

A Stay-at-Home Mother’s Story

When I first met Misty, she had been out of the workforce for nearly 10 years. She had kept herself busy with an adopted son and a non-profit she created as a “Passion Project.” Even though she had paid political positions in her past, she believed she had few connections, and that networking was “hard.” Once she attended my Empowered Networking course, she said:

“I was so relieved to understand that networking is just having conversations with people I know. It took all the pressure off. By the time I had completed 2 coffee dates, I had a job lead that got me an interview. You make networking so easy.”

The Empowered Networking Course will give you all of the tools and knowledge to get a job fast. You, too, might have the perfect job lead after just 2 coffee dates! You can repeat the system, over and over again, whenever you need a career boost. You will be in total control of your career!

But Catherine, I hate even the idea of networking…

Good! You are exactly the person I designed this course for. No matter what skills you have in making conversation, meeting new people, or making connections, this system will work for you.

As a part of the course, you get a free copy of my new book, Empowered Networking. There’s even a chapter for introverts to help you get conversations rolling. Whether you’re outgoing to the max, or a total introvert, you will appreciate the dozens of practical ideas I share.

Pay attention to the warning signs!

Who Really Needs to Network?

Who can benefit? Well, you need to start serious networking in any of these situations:

  • Laid-off, furloughed or fired – You can create a pipeline of great job leads in just 2 weeks. All you have to do is work the leads in order to be selected for an interview.
  • Long-time employee – If you’ve been on the job for 5 years or more, you are probably seriously underpaid, and your current company will never see your talents. It’s time to network!
  • Possible merger or acquisition – Hey! Get your head out of the sand and consider the facts: only 70-80% of employees survive a merger. You need to be connected now!
  • Excluded from certain meetings – When you are suddenly excluded from meetings you used to take for granted, there is something BIG afoot. You need to get a clue and start networking, now.
  • Passed over for a promotion – If they passed you once, they’ll likely pass again. Take your career future in your own hands and start building your network.
  • Paltry, stingy raise – If you are no longer “golden” at work, it might not be your fault. But, a stingy raise (3% or even less) is something you can’t ignore. Your future lies elsewhere. Get busy now building your network.

The coaching you receive in my small group Empowered Networking course gives you the power to get a job fast, using the contacts you currently have.

Included in the Empowered Networking book are:

  • 114 pages of detailed step-by-step directions to keep you on-task and efficient!
  • 5 Networking hacks to convince people to meet with you, on your time schedule
  • 10 Social Media networking ideas to let your network know you are open to new opportunities
  • 10 Real-life networking scripts to get powerful executives to want to connect with you.
  • 50 Great networking questions so you can dig for valuable information only insiders know
  • 5 Phrases for making that first invitation no one can resist

You will turn to the Empowered Networking techniques time and time again. I show you every detail and leave nothing out. You will also learn these networking secrets:

  • Why you should never ask directly for a job
  • How to instantly establish rapport
  • How to title your email requests so you get a response
  • Peer connection or head honcho? Which is better?
  • Finding the right words to customize your LinkedIn requests.
  • Powerful tips to build your network!
  • How to turn LinkedIn connections into your “fan club.”

Warning: Even though networking for a job is relatively easy once you know how, there are a few mistakes that will get you ignored or even banned. In the course, I make a big deal about proper networking etiquette—stuff your mother never taught you—because she didn’t know.

You could spend a fortune getting individual coaching on this topic…and never make a single connection that matters. In my group coaching class, I provide nuanced, smart shifts in your thinking and approach that make all the difference.

I’m giving you control over your job search by teaching the simplest method yet for building a network that leads to the job of your dreams.

Participate Now, Get All Your Money Back

When you make a purchase from me, for any service, I consider you part of the Career Passion® Tribe. In this course, you will learn invaluable insights to help you get job leads. If you decide to coach with me on ANY other service, you get 100% of your investment back. Yes, you will get a $297 credit on any of my valuable coaching services.

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If you knew the time and money my clients have saved, you wouldn't balk at any amount. Just consider this: if you are a $90,000-a-year earner, every WEEK you are out of work costs you $1,730.

Actual coaching on this topic could cost you as much as $3,000 for just a few weeks of sessions. Would you pay that? Heck no! That's crazy.

Or, you could pay $1250 for a completely new business look, just to give you confidence. My book gives you both confidence and new skills, and the price is less than 1/4th the cost! A new outfit could give you confidence for your next job interview, but the ideas in my book will actually get you the interview!

Here's the deal:
Since it's all digital and I can teach from the comfort of my home office, I'm going to sell the ebook, plus the course for only $297.

You'll probably save $2,000 if you just make one good connection.

And, consider these bonuses:

  • Empowered Networking eBook
  • 50 Questions that Open Doors
  • 50-Minute, one-on-one Career Strategy Session
  • Special Report: Top 10 Ways to Get Found by Recruiters

I will tell you that it is rare that I give guarantees, but I will on this product because since my last product introduction hundreds of people that don't really know me have signed up on my list. If you don’t know me and the quality of my work, I want you to get a chance to experience the value I give with absolutely no risk.

So, grab the Empowered Networking Coaching Course for only $297 and create the connections you need in virtually no time at all. I'm giving you 60 days to try it out. If you don’t think the strategies are valuable, you get all your money back. And, it should really only take you a couple of days to have your first important conversation.

Career Counseling Austin TX

Only $297. (One of my best bargains ever!)

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Tuesdays, 6 consecutive weeks
7:00 PM Central
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$297 Tuition Includes:

  • Empowered Networking eBook
  • 50 Questions that Open Doors
  • 50-Minute, one-on-one Career Strategy Session
  • Special Report: Top 10 Ways to Get Found by Recruiters

Get it for Free! If you end up buying any one-on-one coaching package from Career Passion® Coach, your entire $297 will be applied to your coaching fee.

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