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7 Questions to make new friends

If you dread networking events as much as getting a root canal, you’re going about it the wrong way. The real purpose of a networking event is to make new acquaintances, NOT pump other professionals for information that serves you. When meeting people, the first step is to establish rapport, and that always means finding […]

Applicant and recruiter

How to Choose a Career Counselor

Choosing a partner for your Career Change – whether you are simply seeking a new job, or completely changing your job function—is critical to your success. The wrong one can weigh you down with meaningless assessments and theoretical conversation that serves no practical purpose. The right Career Advisor will accelerator your progress and build your confidence. […]


Got creativity? Here’s how.

When it comes to job seeking and career changing, everyone is looking for the creative edge. How do I write my resume so it stands out? What can I say or do to be the memorable candidate? How shall I dress for the interview? What can I say when I follow-up? There are three sure-fire […]


Be like Uncle Pete this Holiday Season

Our family get-togethers were huge. On my mother’s side, I had 8 uncles and aunts. When you added in spouses and 3.5 children per family, we had about 54 people at Grandma’s house. Mostly, everyone behaved, and it was an amazing time.   My favorite Uncle Pete, who was in advertising, would sometimes bring along […]


Dig your well before you’re thirsty

John Mackay, an envelope company owner from Minnesota, made himself famous by writing Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty, a book about networking BEFORE you are out of a job, desperate for someone to help you. Hey, what a concept. Today, I’m offering career coaching BEFORE you are out of work, desperate for someone to […]

Job Campaign – Webinar Recording  7-17-2017 (Audio Only)

I’d like to pick your brain

Really? Does that even sound nice? Your mother might tell you that’s something nice people don’t say at the dinner table. It’s also something you shouldn’t say when asking for a networking meeting. Four other things you shouldn’t do: Don’t assume you know anything about the person. Don’t focus the conversation on you and your […]