Want to change careers or find the perfect job?

Losing a job in this economy can be devastating.
You feel singled-out, disrespected or even discarded. After the shock wears off, fear sets in.
  • Will I be able to make it on my savings?
  • What happens when the paltry unemployment checks stop coming?
  • Can I make next month’s mortgage payment?
  • Will I have to empty out my 401K before I find work?
You are not alone. Your experience is a common one today, and that’s why I spend my time helping job seekers just like you. [Read More…]

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Available to users with operating systemsWindows Vista and earlier versions, and can be obtained in English. The present their latest update occurred 06/14/2013. Since we added this feature to send na2011, succeeded in installing a week and was 429 downloads. No downloading, Mount blade little light does not require so muchspace than the average game genre popular ordenador.Év Romania, the United States and Poland.

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Requirements: Android +

“Chess” is currently the highest rated paid chess on Android (at time of writing), from the chess programs listed paid.

“Chess” is currently the highest rated paid chess on Android (at time of writing), from the chess programs listed paid.


– 12 levels of play (NOVICE-specialized)

It uses intelligent weakening for lower levels. Good for beginners.

– Relaxing and Pro Mode (! Nev)

Two different approachesallows you to cry izaberetekoliko help game gives you, a separate statistics for both.

– Uses Treebeard Chess engine

(As a Microsoft MSNGwyddbwyll). It has a unique “” human-like “” style.

– Chess Tutor

This option shows the recommended piece to move. This will help you think about how to play without telling you what drives you. This is great for the development of chess skills and at the same time help you izbegnetejednostavnogwall.

-Shov CPU Reflecting on the choice of level 3+

A unique feature, great for learning chess. This shows that moving AImengingat.

– Chess Stats, Timers, advice and handicap

Track your career history against each level and improve your score

– Attainment tables and keeping the cwmwlar for statistics! (NEW!)

Available when logged in as an account Google +

– Gives ELO rating based on their results against the CPU in Pro Mode (Nev!)

– 2 player hot seat

igraprotiv your friends!

– Set 8 and 7Chess Piece Chess Board

– Review Mode game

Step back through your game and see how you ynyn win!

– Load / Save game files PGNEkspor

– Designed for both Tablet and Phone

Landscape mode is available in tablets. (NEW!)

What’s new:

– More endgame playing on the level of 10, 11 and 12th

– Fix for KRKR endgame.

– Added option Swap Sides. “Analysis” improved, and moved the button to the Action Bar.

-Posmatračifik Problems.

– ACPU is now offering exciting and resigned (can be disabled in the options), and either accept or reject the offer of a draw players.