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As in the original, Portable Format Factory can convert video to MP4, AVI, 3GP, RMVB, WMV, MKV, MPG, VOB, FLV, SWF, and even animated GIF. On deck, Portable Format Factory accepts MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, AMR, OGG, MP2, WAV, and MMF.

Portable Format Factory can also convert imagesand extract trackcakramCD DVD-Audio and convert ISO files / images CSO, including video and audio files, and metadata Multiplex investigation.

Portable Model factory managed to do all of this already classic interface, where the function is activated from the sidebar and converted into a separate table. One click starts and factory Portable Format to save any document in the output folder.

If the house is not uncommon and need to convertmultimedia fast and efficient, Portable Format Factory is an excellent choice.


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Not the most successful program in the design, which is ready to help users help in solving digital images, providing more support to archive them quickly. If we see the main purpose of the program, it is very simple – kusaidiauser transfer photos from digital cameras, numerous hraneniyai device to your computer and instantly adjust them to the desired folder on your computer, download Smart Photo Import possible in buongbalita for this you justand proceed with him could not be simpler -)

According to the developers, This tool is the perfect tool for any photographer, so, of course, may be true, but look, I am not a photographer pops, maybe it’s not so important, in fact, may actually delevypolnyaet very well in practice her, but I often judged nakuonekana. You can insert images in batch mode to rename photos by date and other figures, as many pictures, it is sorted alphabeticallyAn example is, of course, lubosmaginhawa, especially, for example, for me, a large number of pictures, but tuSielewi why it should egotrebuetsya, there is a built-in search is easy to use, but perhaps those who remember only the first letter of the name, of course, the benefits are undeniable.

Photo Import support of Russia does not exist, even if the network has a crack, I have not tried it, you will add baadaye.Hasa tell the truth no restructuring plan is a lot I want to say, all settings can makitasaglavnoe window,along with additional features, I can not find. Photo Import mode supports drag and pull, that is, to add files and folders, you can tuhoja them to the main window, it is certainly convenient, but I did not come just drag and drop a file, you somehow do not like, I do not understand. In general, little to conclude my review of the program Photo Import, profit and loss, Knitted you think that you can see at least approximately, all your katikamikono.

Developer: Nwspro

License: Shareware,


Size: MB

OS: Windows

How to install

1-Run «» and install it

2 Use a text file with serial key logging software

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