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Who wouldn’t want to be in the VA world?

A client asked me that recently. I had to stop and think: Veterans Administration? Virginia? Virtual Assistant? Turns out, she was talking about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. She is very excited about this field and really wants to find her next career there. You see, what you want for your life is specific and […]


Thoughts that keep you stuck in a low-paying job

It’s OK. You’ve been conditioned to think thoughts that keep you stuck. Negative, reflexive thoughts are designed by your brain to keep you safe. My purpose is to dispel those reflexive thoughts and provide a new look at career change. When you get your thinking aligned with your real power and talent, you can literally […]


12 Habits that can up-level your career

If establishing new habits is exciting to you, here are some Career-Building Habits to consider: Make 5 calls each week, just to reconnect with people. You will be building friendships, where others have networks. When you need help, you have a willing support system. Find a way to complement your boss, your team, or another department that […]


How HABITS can build career success

Job Seeking can seem like one, big, chaotic ball of effort – Disjointed phone calls, “almost right” job leads, deadly networking events, and happenstance conversations that go nowhere. Any BIG change begins with SMALL actions, performed on a regular basis. It begins with simple HABITS that, over time, will yield big results. Michael Hyatt recently published a […]


Looking for work? Just dance.

You might be reluctant to apply for a position if you don’t fit all the qualifications. Then, you lose before you even apply because of one or two “preferred” or even “required” qualities on the job description. Here’s the rule in the recruiting world: Apply if you have 80% of the qualifications. The REALLY uptight, righteous […]


Do you have a Cash Ceiling?

The fabled “Glass Ceiling” of the 70s and 80s has become a Career Cash Ceiling™ for both women and men alike. Some facts to consider: Women earn 78 cents for every dollar men make in the same position. (OK, no surprise here. But don’t you think it’s time we address this? In 2016, seriously?) Salaries have basically […]


The BIG LIE job seekers tell themselves

It’s natural after a job loss to feel hurt and confused.  It’s natural after a move to feel disoriented. However, job seekers do themselves a great disservice by saying, “I have no idea what I want.” The fact is, you DO KNOW what you want in your next job. Beyond “six figures and short hours” […]