Life is one giant work-around

The past few months I’ve been dealing with some pretty serious health issues – all while trying to serve my clients, build my business, volunteer, and be a super-wife, super-mom and super-grandma. You do all that, too. I know. The doctor who literally SAVED my life pronounced me “sensitive” to four main ingredients of everyday […]

Virtual Reality Technology Virtual Vr Man Reality

Who wouldn’t want to be in the VA world?

A client asked me that recently. I had to stop and think: Veterans Administration? Virginia? Virtual Assistant? Turns out, she was talking about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. She is very excited about this field and really wants to find her next career there. You see, what you want for your life is specific and […]

mud kid

Want to play? SURE!

Do you remember being so young that if someone asked you to play, you wouldn’t hesitate one moment? You’d say: SURE! I just spent 5 days babysitting my two grandboys, ages 5 and 3-1/2. During our amazing time together, they discovered: An ant hill in the back yard. How to blow up an ant hill. […]


Don’t fall into the comparison trap

My first lesson in professional speaking—The National Speakers Association convention in 1995–was mind-blowing.Everywhere I looked, there were beautiful, well-groomed, better-dressed men and women. And, each one was well-spoken. Given the opportunity, they would instantly deliver a perfect elevator pitch about their expertise and typical audience. I went to my hotel room feeling deflated. Later, I […]


Are you a Patriot?

Patriotism is an emotional attachment to a nation; a recognition that it is your homeland. Through Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day, Americans pause to recognize those who have been brave enough to protect our freedoms.    The problem comes when we extend the idea of Patriotism to our work life.  Over-zealous Business Patriots […]


May the Force be with you

“May the Force be with you” is a phrase used to wish luck or good will, generally when people part ways or when one of them is facing some sort of imminent challenge. There’s a real lesson here for career professionals and job seekers. Using the Force—or positive energy—in your career can make it more […]


Are you “playing possum” at work?

Yesterday, my dog delivered the “gift” of a possum on the carpet in the front hall. Not only did its presence give me a start, I nearly stepped on the animal! On close observation, it wasn’t dead, but simply “playing possum.” Technically, that’s “tonic immobility” – an intense fear response induced by restraint, confinement or […]