12 Habits that can up-level your career

If establishing new habits is exciting to you, here are some Career-Building Habits to consider: Make 5 calls each week, just to reconnect with people. You will be building friendships, where others have networks. When you need help, you have a willing support system. Find a way to complement your boss, your team, or another department that […]


How HABITS can build career success

Job Seeking can seem like one, big, chaotic ball of effort – Disjointed phone calls, “almost right” job leads, deadly networking events, and happenstance conversations that go nowhere. Any BIG change begins with SMALL actions, performed on a regular basis. It begins with simple HABITS that, over time, will yield big results. Michael Hyatt recently published a […]


A dog’s purpose? Yours?

I just had the remarkable experience of taking two of my grandsons, ages 3 and 5, to see the movie “A Dog’s Purpose.” The film is ecstasy for dog lovers! It shows the love and connection people feel with their dogs – no matter what breed, shape or size. Dogs are there for you. They watch, they interpret, […]

Promotion silver platter

Want a promotion? Ask for it.

If you’re paying attention at work, you know there is work that needs to be done that no one has time to do. Perhaps it’s a special project that would streamline your most important process. Maybe it’s a new way of orienting new employees, or training new customers. It’s often your boss’s biggest headache. No […]

Boss small

Want a promotion? Make your manager look great.

Who doesn’t want a promotion? More status, more visibility, more MONEY. If you’re really ambitious, you might think the FIRST place to improve is your own credibility and visibility inside your company. Actually, you only need to look UP – one or two levels – and start working to make your boss look great. Here are some […]


7 Things that will get you promoted this year

Most professionals I meet are under-earning by a factor of $20,000 to $50,000 per year. Why? Because they don’t know the secrets to becoming a stand-out performer. In the coming weeks, I’m going to explain, in some detail, how you can improve your performance and spike your visibility – both inside your organization and in […]


Looking for work? Just dance.

You might be reluctant to apply for a position if you don’t fit all the qualifications. Then, you lose before you even apply because of one or two “preferred” or even “required” qualities on the job description. Here’s the rule in the recruiting world: Apply if you have 80% of the qualifications. The REALLY uptight, righteous […]

peace on earth

Willing to give .7% for peace?

Those of you who have coached with me know that I encourage everyone I meet to meditate. I first learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) while in college. TM is a rigorous practice when done well – 20 minutes, twice each day. In my home state, Maharishi International University was founded in 1974 as a base to […]


I was just thinking about you…

Have you ever been thinking about someone, and that person called you at that exact moment? Have you ever said to yourself, “I would like a red car?” In the next few days, you not only see lots of red cars, but they are on sale, at your favorite dealership? The idea of coincidence is […]


Recipe for a holiday funk

Holidays often put me in a funk. I am missing my Mom who passed some 19 years ago. As I prepare for family events, I wish I could just forget the turkey and side dishes, and go home to Mom to receive and enjoy the feast that she prepared. If you are like me, you […]