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There’s an old saying that if you love your job, you’ll never work another day.
That’s a little extreme, but fulfilling work can give you a lift that lasts from hour to hour. The day goes by quickly, and you feel satisfied at the end of it. Let’s face it: You spend more time at work than you do any other part of your life. If you aren’t at least happy, then what’s the point?

There’s one massive pitfall that is plaguing your career, and you might not even be aware of it. And, even if you do, you might not know where to begin to correct it.

That pitfall? Lack of Career Vision. No Career Plan.

The trouble is, many people realize that they need to think BIGGER about their career and their lifestyle, but they simply are so caught up in the everyday struggle of commuting, working, personal business and family obligations, that they are left exhausted at the end of every day, wondering, “Is this all there is?”

In short, most American workers have lost their passion—if they ever had it—for the company they work for, the job they do, for their clients, for their coworkers, even for their own partners and family members! Instead, they face each day with the dull ache of knowing they are in the wrong job, doing mediocre work and facing 40 more years of the same.

Upset businessman

Do you relate to any of these statements?

checkbox   I’m sick of my job.
checkbox   I hate my micro-managing boss.
checkbox   I don’t get respect for what I do at work.
checkbox   I’m tired of everyone else getting promotions, pay raises and bonuses!
checkbox   I would get out there, but I don’t know what to go after.
checkbox   I’ll never pay off my credit cards and student loans at this rate!
checkbox   My resume sucks. It needs a complete overhaul.
checkbox   I never hear about jobs until they are filled.

If you relate to ANY of these boxes, there’s a good chance that you are under-earning by a factor of 20-50%. But the fact that you feel this way is great news. You have the TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL to shift over to Career Passion® and allow that passion to help you get the job, status and income you deserve.

Here’s what Career Passion® Clients say:

“You told me I would be gainfully employed within 90 days of our start date together. You were right! In fact, it took me only 48 days to find my dream job.”

“The company upped their offer to $100k iStock_000004692694Small(1)and I accepted last week. Thanks for giving me the courage to ask for more.”

“You came into my life at a very difficult time with a great, great, many changes and challenges. I feel universal wisdom put me in front of you. Hey, a BIG thank you.”

“You showed me that, even with a weak resume and poor training, I am a hugely valuable asset.”

“You taught me HOW to interview. In my first interview since working with you, I got the job offer!”



The Ultimate Career Blueprint

Your plan to get the job, status and income you deserve!

The only career system that gives you everything you need to implement career-building strategies, find the right job opportunities, and successfully sell yourself into the job that will finally reward you with satisfaction, great compensation, and a lifestyle you can love.

I teach you exactly how to pin-point the ideas, talents and activities that fuel your passion. Once identified, you can put them to work to rapidly accelerate your career growth.
It doesn’t matter how busy you are. I’ve designed a program for the busy professional, with little free time. Each week, you’ll get new insights during our 90-minute teleclass. The simple exercises take you from rotten job to new opportunity, faster than you could have imagined.
It’s not overwhelming. It’s a simple, straightforward process for upgrading your thought process about how to find a better job.
It’s unlike the advice you’ve already read. In fact, most people are stunned to hear how direct and simple it can be to win the perfect job.


You will learn how to:

✓ Transform the beliefs that are limiting your income
✓ Understand the Career Passion® that motivates and drives you
✓ Become the one and only candidate for your dream job
✓ Increase your status and visibility at your current job
✓ Make yourself irresistible to employers
✓ Connect directly with recruiters and your future boss
✓ Double your confidence, status and income!

The Coaching Program Includes:

8 Weekly Teleseminars to teach you the secrets of today’s success Career Changers
Weekly Motivation calls from your coach to keep you focused on your Career Change goals.
26 Impactful quizzes, ebooks and worksheets to help you get break-through insights to propel your career to the next level
The Networking to Find a Job You Love ebook, showing you how to build your contacts and identify real-time job leads.
Unlimited access to Career Passion® Coaches by email and short phone conversations.
A private Facebook Forum where you can get questions answered and share ideas with like-minded professionals.
A private Learning Hub with all the class materials, recordings and handouts that you can access time and time again.
Bonus: STAR Performance book that explains Career Passion®, how to identify it, and how you can feel passion in everyday work activities
Bonus: The Career Passion® Test ($60 value) that finally helps you create your own Personal Brand Statement.
Bonus: Overcoming Underearning Test, based on Barbara Stanny’s best-selling book, pin-pointing the ideas, beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back from earning what you are worth.
Bonus: The Career Blueprint Journal for you to keep notes, write your intentions, and train your mind toward positivity, assertiveness and confidence.
Bonus: Winning Cover Letters format and help in creating the perfect letter for the job you are seeking.

Need Private Coaching?

Private, 1:1 coaching by phone, desktop sharing, or in person can be added to your Career Blueprint package. These are work sessions that create marketing documents you can use for your current job hunt, and in the future. Our Career Passion Coach works with you to capture your STAR power and the selected achievements that can take you to the next level. Instead of telling you what to write, we write your marketing documents with you. Talk with your coach about what sessions make sense for you.

You will benefit most from this program if you:Creative idea of businessman

• Sincerely want to earn $20,000-50,000 more each year and are willing to do what it takes
• Are ready to take a new look at your talents and consider a different job
• Are willing to work on your job search 3-9 hours each week
• Are willing to expand your network and talk to people you don’t know
• Want to discover where your career could go, and how to get there
• Want more balance in your life, working for a company that appreciates you
• Are willing to take some BOLD steps to find the right job, at the right income for you
• Don’t mind doing internet research and working to find a target job
• Want to finally catch up on finances earning a salary that’s right for you


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8 Critical Steps of a Successful Career Change

Success Mindset

  • Up-level your expectations about what you are worth
  • Visualize and set intentions for the perfect job
  • Setting IntentionsTools + Blueprint
  • Become resilient in the face of job-seeking disappointments



  • Turn everyday business networking into a job lead magnet
  • Get serious about why and what to ask in a networking conversation
  • Use networking to expand your creativity about jobs, companies and industries
  • Use networking to find a mentor, make new friends or “try on” a new job


Career Passion / Branding

  • Learn the values that drive your decisions
  • Be able to describe your contribution in a team environment
  • Create a Personal Brand Statement to draw prospective employers to you


Job Search Plan

  • Make clear choices about job titles, target markets and target companies
  • Learn the marketing steps that naturally lead to jobs
  • Discover jobs in the hidden job market



LinkedIn and Online Job Seeking

  • Make yourself a recruiter-magnet with a top-notch LinkedIn Summary
  • Expand your connections into companies and job positions that are right for you
  • Learn how to get recruiters to call YOU


Job Seeking Campaign

  • Make your job search a sprint, not a marathon
  • Learn how to focus on marketing actions that get results
  • Shorten your job search from 7 months to 90 days


STAR Stories

  • Make yourself irresistible to employers
  • Tell your career highlights in a powerful way
  • Be confident and ready for ANY interview question


Interview Preparation

  1. Creating the mindset to win
  2. Research that will startle and please your future boss
  3. Asking for more

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