peace on earth

Willing to give .7% for peace?

Those of you who have coached with me know that I encourage everyone I meet to meditate. I first learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) while in college. TM is a rigorous practice when done well – 20 minutes, twice each day. In my home state, Maharishi International University was founded in 1974 as a base to […]

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I was just thinking about you…

Have you ever been thinking about someone, and that person called you at that exact moment? Have you ever said to yourself, “I would like a red car?” In the next few days, you not only see lots of red cars, but they are on sale, at your favorite dealership? The idea of coincidence is […]

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Recipe for a holiday funk

Holidays often put me in a funk. I am missing my Mom who passed some 19 years ago. As I prepare for family events, I wish I could just forget the turkey and side dishes, and go home to Mom to receive and enjoy the feast that she prepared. If you are like me, you […]

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