Thanks for being you

We celebrate Thanksgiving to pause and think about all the “things” we are thankful for. I am thankful, most of all, for the people in my life. As my client, potential client, friend or acquaintance, you came into my life for a reason. And, I am thankful for you. My world in infinitely blessed by […]


Be thankful for challenges?

If you’re a job seeker or career changer, perhaps Thanksgiving is just a pause in the frustrating and frightening experience of finding your next place in the work world. Have you ever thought to be thankful for challenges, issues and irritations in your life? Each one of them serves a purpose. They help you stop, […]


I’m speechless

Sometimes life makes you slow down and take a break. During the Election Returns last night, I talked excitedly to my son and daughter-in-law – all night and with a sore throat. Today, I am speechless. Can’t even make a squeak. Zen masters said it best in this quote:   “When hungry, eat your rice; when […]