Be like Uncle Pete this Holiday Season

Our family get-togethers were huge. On my mother’s side, I had 8 uncles and aunts. When you added in spouses and 3.5 children per family, we had about 54 people at Grandma’s house. Mostly, everyone behaved, and it was an amazing time.   My favorite Uncle Pete, who was in advertising, would sometimes bring along […]

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Always say YES!

This is the time of year when we get slammed with both personal and business deadlines. It’s easy to start resisting everything that comes your way. You’ve heard that it’s important to say NO, guard your time, and protect your energy. My suggestion is to start saying YES – to nearly everything. Why? Get into […]

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Help! Thanks. Wow!

Author Anne Lamott says there are three essential prayers:      HELP, THANKS, WOW.   Are you saying them? If you are in a Career Change, or just thinking about one, these three prayers can help you find the job of your dreams. Whether delivered to your Higher Power, or to lowly humans, they work. HELP. […]

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Light a fire in your life

Will Rogers once said, “The best way to make a fire with two sticks is to make sure one of them is a match.”      When it’s pouring rain on your career, or your project, or any creative endeavor, you need a match to start a fire and move you toward solutions, creative ideas, […]

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