Give opportunity a chance

Job seekers often let old hurts hold them back. They reject present opportunities by remembering things said in the past. A manager who said: “You don’t have what it takes to be a manager here.” A sales manager who said, “You’re too valuable where you are. You’re not cut out for outside sales.” A supervisor […]

7 Great Ways to Use LinkedIn Status Update

The more I know about LinkedIn, the more excited I become about using it as a major tool for job seeking. Using the Update feature is easy and a great way to promote yourself to your network. Each time you post an update, ALL your first level connections see it. When you are looking for […]

What to do when you’re robbed of your job

Thanks to all of you who empathized with us over our loss of 2 iPads and jewelry on our trip in May. It appears that this is a pretty common experience, so we have lots of company. In my last blog, I compared losing an iPad to losing a job. Now that we’ve been dealing […]

We were robbed.

We were robbed. There, I said it. Everyone has been asking about our wonderful trip to Dublin, all cheery and happy for our good luck at being able to go there. Well, it was a great trip. The Irish are friendly, helpful and seem to genuinely like Americans.  We made friends at every tourist site […]

Your Own Personal STAR Trek

I became a Trekkie in 1970, watching TV re-runs in the community room at my college dorm. I’ll be in Dublin when Star Trek into Darkness opens this week, but I’m confident we’ll find a way to see it in Ireland. Whether you’re a die-hard Trekkie or just mildly interested in the hotties Chris Pine, […]

Living in a place you belong

I knew I didn’t belong where I happened to be born. I grew up in Des Moines, which is a nice size city of about 300,000. Des Moines is very manageable. Great neighborhoods and schools. Easy, breezy traffic. Lots of extended family. And I didn’t belong. I wanted a larger forum, more opportunity, a different […]